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Coordination Team Notes
Call 712.432.0075 Code 388105#
  • Check in
  • Action items follow up from 6/22/09
NPC RSVP reminder:
Sylvia will send email note--done
Cindy and Rocio will clean up the list active/non-active—didn’t get to.
Cindy, Rocio, Elena, and EMEAC will make individual calls on Friday.—Rocio sent emails, didn’t have phone numbers; Cindy didn’t get to.
Detroit-NPC housing:
Maureen will look into hotels/motels less than $75/night (min. 10 rooms)--done
Sylvia will contact Jenny Lee at AMC re: dorms for NPC.--done
Who can start asking for solidarity housing in Detroit?—Sylvia asked Dianne Feeley with LOC Logistics Committee, she says they’ll handle.
AMC and Registration:
Josue will let Project South/Stephanie know they have 2 NPC spots (Cindy, Josue and Sylvia also need one.)--done
Cindy will send USSF presentation template to C-Team.—not done yet
Anchors staff hiring proposals, budget, personnel:
C-Team review proposal by next mtg.--
Maureen will ask Victor to contact Michael about budget.--done
Maureen will check with Will about his recommendations with Michael about staffing structure.—not done yet
Cindy will ask Michael to convene a Personnel Committee mtg to discuss a hiring plan.—will email again.
Who will serve on and convene the Fiscal Committee?—Michael and Victor will convene it.
NPC application draft:
C-Team review draft by next mtg.—no time to discuss.
USSF branding and Design Action Center:
Josue will convene conference call with Design Action and include LOC Outreach Committee Chairs (Nisa and Ahmina, plus Anchors recommendation: Ernesto from Atlanta (email?); and NPC member ,Tammy, with Outreach WG.—in progress.
  • LOC and NPC reports
  • Staff reports
Will is home and recovering, expected to be back at USSF work in two weeks.
Maureen still recovering from pinched nerve.
  • Detroit logistics for NPC mtg--hotels, solidarity housing, transportation, catering.
- Maureen contacted Wayne State Univ dorms, have shared suites for less than hotel.
- Maureen knows local van driver who can do airport shuttles.
- Dianne Feeley and LOC Logistics Committee reviewing solidarity housing options.
- Food and location still TBD.
  • Review Anchors staff recommendations.
- Anchors submitted last week to C-Team their recommended job descriptions. They are based upon the four page short budget from Stephanie and Michael. The job descriptions are also based upon their belief of the immediate need for staff in the areas of communications, technology, and logistics so that local and national work can be carried out more effectively. They also have candidate recommendations—for Communications, Reginald McGhee; for Technology, Sylvia Orduño and Ernesto, other half-time positions; no specific recommendation yet for Logistics.
- They propose (a) two Technology staff persons with a local point of view along with technological expertise, including use of social media sites; (b) a Communications staff person who can manage local content and national activities; and (c) a Logistics staff person who would mostly work locally along with some national capacity.
- By Friday, 7/3/09, the anchors will send a letter to C-Team with a framework of their recommendations.
- Josue—Those budget positions were envisioned to work with Working Groups as national staff. We need a way of letting Working Groups participate in this process for development and hiring.
- Maureen—Yes, these are the same positions already being in the budget, not new positions. Working Groups are still an “enigma” to me, when do they meet? NPC may want to see if there is a need for greater degree of oversight, still waiting for NPC to share planning and contact info.
- Josue—In Communications job description, where does NPC and Communications/Media WG fit in with anchors description? Job positions were originally intended for working with and answering to Working Groups.
- Cindy—Let’s share job description drafts with Comm-Media WG and ICT WG—what do they envision? Let’s also get clarity on finance and what can be done. We need to remember the Social Forum is put on by volunteers not staff. We need to also ask what is the work of the Working Groups in these job descriptions so that the work doesn’t all fall on one person. We’re underutilizing the process, don’t want us to leave people off the hook.
- We should also look more at people in Atlanta who can meet face-to-face in Detroit about help with logistics, including registration and child care.
- C-Teams agrees job description drafts should be shared with Working Groups.
  • Review NPC application draft.
- Table till next week.
  • Recommendation--NPC-LOC press briefing at AMC
- Idea to have a press conference or briefing while NPC is in town. Maureen recommends after AMC, Sylvia recommends during AMC. More info will be forwarded over email.