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Outreach Powerpoint Comments/Suggestions – 6/9/09

These are the comments I wrote down, in no particular order

  • vision of Detroit needs to be talked about
  • put music and narration under it
  • consistent messages / more general
  • economic collapse – resistance, reliance, the economic crisis, Detroit is happening
  • Spanish, Arabic translations
  • acronyms need to be spelled out at least once
  • talk about solutions
  • we are the ones we've been waiting for
  • concrete examples of neo-liberalism
  • describe how we are going to bring people together
  • captions under pictures from Atlanta
  • rational when it should be emotional
  • include everything in one powerpoint so that presenters can pick and choose
  • know your audience
  • more detail
  • Detroit is key
  • images of Detroit
  • labor information, vacant homes, closed factories, school closings, increase in food distribution in churches, community gardens, Detroit bucks
  • what is Detroit
  • show what corporations are doing to us
  • examples of what will be in USSF 2010
  • appropriate for some audiences