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Detroit Local Organizing Committee (DLOC), July 28, 2009 Agenda

  • Chair: Rocio Valerio
  • Name 1
  • Name 2
  • etc.
Meeting Startup
  • agenda distributed
  • committee sign up sheet distributed
  • review of agenda - agenda adopted

Agenda item #1 Community Agreements reviewed


Courtesy of USSF NPC and Adrienne Maree Brown

1. Step up, step back-

If you tend to be silent in the group, step up and speak up. If you tend to speak more in the group, step back.

2. Speak from the “I”

Speak from your own experience.

3. Be aware of time

So that we can be efficient with how we use it, and ensure that the agenda is accomplished

4. No oppression here

Just respect.

5. Use the “whoah!”

Stop things if what is discussed or what is going on is unclear.

6. Respect strengths and weaknesses

7. Keep open minds

Keep it simple

8. Start from trust, assume the best

Default to trust that people have the best intention

9. Healthy Conflict and Struggle

With respectful conduct

Agenda item #2 DLOC decision making

- review of USSF structure: NPC, Coordinating Committee, Local Organizing Committee, Working Groups, Local committee
- Bill Wylie Kellerman and Oya Amakisi were selected to represent the DLOC to the NPC at the meeting last week. They will remain as our reps for the next 60 days
- call for decision making process for DLOC. Decided to use concensus
- Introductions

Agenda Item # 3 Committee Report out

  • Logistics:
- met 2 weeks ago, next meeting Tues: Aug 4. see wiki for notes
- looking for 5000 bikes, have space for storage at King Solomon need to clean
- are looking at housing and have met with hotels and have letter of intent with Wayne State for 500 beds
- Meeting on registration.
  • Outreach:
- last met July 24,
- new chair is Dessa Cosma is now co-chair with Neesa.
- time-line/work plan has been developed
- Purpose established (see wiki)
- Ron provided comprehensive list of block clubs
- Next meeting will focus on actions, Tues Aug 4 at 6pm
  • Religion:
- Had been moving and took a step back to set the table
- Elected co-chairs Bill Wylie Kellerman St. Peters and Charles Williams King Solomon
- Held a meeting of 25 pastors last Thursday, mostly Detroit baptists, Muslim Imans were called away to an emergency meeting
- establishing sub-committees: logistics (vans for transportation) program (retreat in Jan)
- next meeting Aug 13th at 10am at Detroit Baptist Temple
  • Technology:
- no local committee independent of the ICT working group,
- set up,,,
- problem tickets being handled
- 15 folks working well together.
- have done some training on Wiki and technology. 'Advanced' Training tomorrow night
  • Communications:
- no local committee independent of Comm Working group.
- Next WG conference call will look to differentiate local and national efforts.
- Speed dating at NPC meeting gave Comm many ideas to moves forward.
- Next meeting Aug 4th (see wiki)
  • Culture:
- building relationships with local cultural groups as well as with Culture Working Group
- will start planning events to raise money, build momentum and encourage participation
- next meeting Aug 3.
  • Sustainability:
- working with the Hub to create workshop on fixing bikes,
- working with Clean Canteen to provide 1000 canteens

Agenda Item # 4 discussion of reports:

- Freedom Festival will take place on the weekend before up to the International Fireworks on Wednesday. 1 million people to incorporate into the Social Forum
- calendar on wiki is very useful
- committees that meet with Working Groups should make that clear on the wiki
- while waiting for the logo design, need a temporary logo
- looking for 5000 churches, temples, mosques to contribute $49 to raise $250K
- Sep 7 is labor day, need outreach material (kicker cards) for 35-40 THOUSAND should include info on a follow up meeting for info sharing and setting up Labor committee JWJ has already started working on this
- Rev Rowe suggests using Swords into Plowshares gallery during the USSF. Oya calls for other locations as well.
- Not all committees are up and running. We need to reach out and help them out. Will put this on agenda for next LOC
- suggestion to use
- Request all committees elect co-chairs, reminder to see diversity in committee leadership

Agenda Item # 5 Anchor Report out on NPC meeting

- NPC feels we're in better shape now than they were at this point for USSF 2007
- no serious issues left unresolved
- looking for temporary logo
- preparing for Labor Day
- still issues between local committees and national working groups
- getting good cooperation from local hotels including casinos as well as DDOT in providing additional buses for transportation between airport
- NPC meeting notes are on, decisions include:
- new organizational structure
- use of Tides as fiscal sponsor, also keep local finances
- budget approved and decision to not go into deficit this year.


Link from www.ussf.... to religious committee page


Labor Meeting Wed Aug 5th at noon at AFSCME Bldg. 600 W. Lafayette

Next Meeting Date
  • Next meeting of DLOC Tues Aug 11 at 5:30pm

please bring written committee reports