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Coordination Team notes

Present: Maureen, Josue, Sylvia, Michael, Stephanie, Rocio, Diana

Proposed agenda
it's large, how much can we manage?
  • Check-in.
  • Edit agenda.
  • C-Team transition plan; draft a nomination process for new C-Team, including criteria for C-Team commitment; timeline?
  • Organizing Committee (OC) communication plan; ask Working Groups to select 2 reps to new Organizing Committee (OC); timeline?
  • Status of NPC applications; get applicants on NPC call to answer questions; website posting for applications?
  • Draft NPC agenda, Wed 8/19:
- C-Team/OC transition plan
- separate call to discuss 8+ NPC applications?
- location of next NPC mtg (dates were approved Oct 23-25; OC meets one day earlier)
- Working Group report backs
- Staffing and hiring updates
- IC and Quebec SF delegation
- ATL-DTW logistics exchange/mtg
- Budget review (need post-NPC version to share)
- NPC conference call meeting schedule
  • Set up electronic surveys for NPC application votes, and C-Team nominations/votes
  • Update on Tides, especially shift away from Project South and staff transition for health care benefits.

Personnel will be meeting within a week. Hire date target 9/15, also date for Tides. Most job descritpion safe drafted, are pulling them together from WG's then moving forward. Nat'l Coord has no working group but they'll draft and send out. Does Personnel Comm send out? Process? They'll have a final conf call, send to C-Team, and then send final versions to NPC. Job descriptions can go on website and we can send out to different services.

Communications WG was going to post job description independently. May already be posted.

Resources Working Group has drafted job description for development coordinator - contract position. Need to coordinate with the transition to Tides Center who will have to sign contracts.

Personnel/Hiring Committee - are there other folks who should be on? The committee will be final check on all hiring positions including consultants.
Relevant working groups will do bulk of hiring process (developing job descriptions, reviewing apps, etc.) and make final hiring recommendations to the Personnel/Hiring Comm.
Tides Center

Application is about ready to go. Will send a contract form - Stephanie will be forward. Project South will maintain current contracts - won't transfer to Tides. Regular monthly expenses - don't have to send check request if the amount doesn't change every month. Communications (phones/etc.) can be dealt with through Tides.

Line items that will apply to Tide (National Budget)

  • Staff, salary/benefits
  • Supplies and equipment (including translation equipment)
  • Travel
  • Food (staff/NPC?C-team)
  • Evaluation/assessment
  • Solidarity fund

Detroit line items (Site Budget)

  • Communications
  • Consultants/outside services
  • USSF expenses on-site
Tides never approves check requests. We decide who approves requests.
Other question mark is online fundraising function.
Pending funders - need agreement with funder that they know that Tides will be fiscal sponsor.
$1,019,000 is budget that will go to Tides
$500,000 plus will go to Detroit

Income - all foundation $ goes through Tides. Organizational sponsors should also go through Tides and registration. The rest goes through DLOC. Some donors would also go through Tides. Others who don't need tax deduction can go to site budget. If registration checks show up at Detroit, they will copy them and forward to Tides.

Need to figure out how to transfer PayPal. Folks have also been trying to deposit but have not been able to.

We also need to submit who will be advisory Board - C-team and anchors (Stephanie will call it Organzing Team in the application). Also need liaison. Stephanie can be contact until the transfer. Will need someone directly connected to C-team?

Atlanta - Detroit Logistics Exchange

Atlanta folks planning for it. Will and Rocio talked about it and will set up a call with Stephanie to plan.

Hotel contracts
USSF total liability in case they don't get filled?
Goal--2000 sleeping quarters/reservations, near 1400 now; approx 800 rooms for 5-6 days; plus WSU dorms.
All signed clauses have reservations at current prices and are secured; cancellations discussions not possible prior to 30 days before USSF (i.e., room releases).
Maureen has been signing contracts personally, not leveraged against an org'n.
Transition Plan for C-Team

The new C-team would not be a subcommittee of the Organizing Committee. This would be their primary role. Would include someone from nationally, someone locally, and National Coordinator. The DLOC would select local rep. NPC would select national rep. Those two would recommend the hire for Nat. Coord.

Current role of C-team: Agenda creation for Organizing Committee. Clarifying role of NPC and Organizing Committee There are specific decisions that we asked NPC to make:

- Budget
- Plenaries
- Outreach
- Raising resources

We should keep the NPC engaged. We could have monthly Organizing Committee calls and invite NPC members to be on.

Nominations for C-team - by end of August. Finalize by September 15. Working Groups should nominate Co-chairs.


We should locate overall timeline we developed in March and review that with Organizing Committee/NPC/DLOC.

Applications for NPC
- Cindy has applications. Need to post for NPC to review.
- Only sensitive information in apps is contact info. We can remove this to post online.
- It's also useful for us to be as transparent as possible.
- Are there restrictions to any types of organizations? We usually go by the WSF Principles - only political parties and groups involved in armed struggle are restricted.
- There are questions about pre-party formations. We have a couple of groups that fit this. This would be discussed by NPC.
- We can post them but not advertise.
- We should deal with applications on separate call - will recommend to NPC.
Draft NPC agenda, Wed 8/19
- C-Team/OC transition plan
- separate call to discuss 8+ NPC applications?
- location of next NPC mtg (dates were approved Oct 23-25; OC meets one day earlier)
- Working Group report backs
- Staffing and hiring updates
- IC and Quebec SF delegation
- ATL-DTW logistics exchange/mtg
- Budget review (need post-NPC version to share)

It may be possible to get the new logo/branding for USSF by Labor Day --Josue will check into it.

Many groups are contacting Detroit about getting to USSF--they want info about what to do and how to get there. We need to organize this info and use WGs and regional social movement groups to link up. Al Jazeera will be in Detroit two weeks early to USSF; CNN coming 30 days beforehand.

We'll ask ICT set up a mechanism for electronic voting on NPC applications and C-Team.

  • DLOC/Anchors and NPC reports, if needed--tabled.
  • Update NPC list (names, emails)--Josue will work on with Cindy.
Next C-Team meeting Mon, 8/17 from 6-630pm
Check in with Cindy on NPC applications, C-Team recommendation on next NPC face-to-face meeting location; final review NPC agenda draft.