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Attendees: Nisa J, Andrea, Derek, Andre, Ron Lockett, Priscilla, Ann Grimmett, Gwen Gaines, Ron Lare, Rich Feldman, Fayrouz Saad, Ahmina, Mike Merriweather

Notes: Priscilla, Nisa


Discussion: How to maximize our meeting time for action? Solutions to getting all that we need to do-- or even talk about in meetings—accomplished? Task forces and project forces to move into action.

Ann – longer meetings
Andrea – task force smaller meetings get together following the outreach committee
Priscilla – task force meetings on Tues alternating with outreach committee meetings
Derek – no longer meeting
Rich – object of outreach is to keep on track of who we are reaching out to and who else do we need to include
Andre – is getting a lot of questions about USSF , the more they see you the more interest they have in the USSF
Derek – need to have agenda of who to reach out to
Andrea – have assignments for outreach meeting attendees until next meeting, these assignments can deliberately be in the agenda and should be addressed at meeting
Ann – people need ownership of their outreach tasks and work together in constructive manner
Ron – comes to meeting to get DLOC updates, does outreach to individual groups on his own
Ron Lockett – this committee is functioning, not necessarily more meetings, look to the future and set goals of where we want to be
Fayrouz – from ACCESS wants to get involved , Nisa provided follow up to her outreach
Derek – action items on the agenda and have assignments
Nisa – the outreach committee provides the tools, the resources, the structure to outreach, but the act of outreaching is not just the responsibility of the committee, we need help from a lot of different committees and DLOC members.

Need to spend time talking about how the outreach is going, designate certain things to individual people like tasks for the potlucks.

Work between the meetings needs to be completed

Therefore we need to find a structure to maximize the time used in our meetings to create action in addition to report backs.

Through a combination of methods, needs to be thought out.

Task force teams, alternate meeting times, assignments, reminders for people to promote/flyer at the events they attend.

Agenda items could also include action items to work the day of that meeting, as well as a deliberate moment of giving assignments and updates re: assigned tasks.

Potluck in two and one half week

Derek, Rachel, Priscilla, Ann, Gwen, Ahmina, Steph are the committee for the next potluck, with the assistance of Nisa and Dessa for certain details.

  • Some work has been done by Nisa & Dessa
  • Affirmations
  • October 16 Friday 6-8
  • Invincible, Blair, Audra Kubat will be performing
  • Need speakers – Affirmations, Triangle committee
  • Coordinate food and PA, and other logistics

Rich - Need to reach out to the group of people, mostly African American LGBT, that split with Affirmations (1½ years ago between African American gay and lesbian and affirmations leadership)

Element to expand our outreach committee, post on websites for volunteers, renew – Andrea

Reminder - need to relay feedback on outreaching to individual groups, update. How’s the process going? Any contacts? Success? To report at this time, send update email to Nisa or Dessa.

Need to determine the primary organizations we want to connect with and want to know of the USSF, so we can incorporate their networks and people power into the DLOC, and also begin to approach them for workshops (starting in December)

Determine groups who want to be a part of the program. This is necessary for people to fully engage in the SF process.

DLOC report

  • Every committee has $5000 allotted for them but they need to complete forms for distribution
  • Each committee has an anchor representative, ours is Maureen Taylor of MWRO
  • Need to have fundraiser ideas and make the potluck a fundraiser
  • Voted that all involved should change their email tagline to the USSF slogans
  • Elena brought members of her class to meeting
  • How do others doing outreach report back to the committee Ahmina will get excel spreadsheet on the wiki – now send outreach info to Mayfirst peoplelink email contact to get complete stream of emails to & from the address by Friday
  • Ahmina will bring a printout for next meeting, and will investigate a user friendly computer access to the list
  • Potluck was discussed at DLOC

Outreach/Potluck split to meet seperately

Outreach events

Friday and Saturday, Doubletree in Dearborn, Friday 10-11:45 policy meeting, no charge National Network for Arab American Communities (NNAAC) is project of ACCESS. Nisa will attend. Any other volunteers to promote the USSF?

Ann – will promote USSF at D-town farm harvest fest for outreach

Uof M Gay Lesbian event on Sunday- Andrea Wood will attend and promote USSF

Event at Majestic tomorrow, Buju Banton show replaced w/ LGBT fundraiser. Derek will attend and flyer for the USSF.

Potluck Sub-Committee

Attendees: Ahmina, Andre, Ann, Derek, Gwen, Priscilla

Potluck for 10/16/2009

Venue: Affirmations Lesbian and Gay Community Center
Time: 6 - 8 p.m.
Performers: Invincible, Blair, Audra Kubat


Ann - food organization and budget submission
Gwen - banner
Nisa - request press release, send link to info flyer 'USSF in D Summary', re-confirm performers
Ahmina & Andre - outreach to businesses along 9 Mile in Ferndale
Priscilla - contact Dessa for our contact at Affirmations, answers to facility questions

Un-assigned tasks:

who are our speakers
who is the MC
program with timeframes
discussion questions