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Follow the Action
Many Roads Lead to Detroit:

The US Social Forum Writers Network's special correspondents will help keep our writers and the general public informed about all the exciting ways people are preparing the "road to Detroit." This space will provide updates from people around the country who are biking, walking, marching, and caravaning to Detroit as well as those who are paving the way to Detroit through outreach to the diverse groups of people who need to be part of the conversation about the new country and world we are working to build. To become a correspondent, email us at writers@ussf2010: .org .

ARCHIVE: June 13, 2007 See Yes! Magazine's Sarah van Gelder's blog from the 2007 People's Freedom Caravan to Atlanta

  • The Red Road to Detroit: Native People Bring their Voices to the USSF

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  • On the ground in Detroit