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Sustainability Meeting Notes
Present: Alan, Angi, Dianne, Lizzy, Ryan.
Notetaker: Alan

A discussion between Angi, Diane, Ryan, and myself occurred around the idea of hiring a Director of Sustainability and Greening Operations. It was suggested that by defining the role of the sustainability committee we could bypass the need to hire someone to do this work.

We acknowledged that Recycle Detroit is very interested in implementing the Recycling program for the USSF.

Discussed the "Comfort Aid Stations" at USSF 2007.

I will be contacting Rita Valenti, who was in charge of water in 2007, to listen to suggestions and find solutions around drinking water for 2010.

Lizzy came late after Angi left early. Lizzy will post the letter inviting bike donations and we will reschedule the clean up at King Solomon Church, which Catherine will take responsibility for. Angi will follow up with Catherine.

We discussed the possible use of hydrants for water. It was suggested that somebody would check about fees and look into solar distillers.

We will be developing a memo that we will encourage to be used as a guideline for all committees to assist in making mindful decisions with regards to sustainability. The memo will include principles, categories, and guidelines for decision making in order to address both ecological impacts as well as the capacity to endure as reflections of "sustainability".

Our next meeting will take place at Cafe 1923 at 1923 Holbrook, Hamtramck, on September 1 at 5:15PM.