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Sustainability Subcommittee Minutes, August 4, 2009

Bike-It: contact Lizzie about this: getting the bike donation letter posted on this website to seek out other possible donations.

Cleaning out King Solomon Church for bike storage: Katherine is going to set up a schedule for the Clean-Out date for bike storage at King Soloman. We are thinking: August 22, 2009 from 10am-2pm? Can we provide food / drink of any sort?

Handling Waste -- Greg: Owns Brother Nature Farm - he can handle all organic waste from the USSF, so long as we handle transport of waste - he is going to e-mail Sarah Kubric about recycling - who/ how will we print signs or labels for containers

Volunteers - what to do with them? How to filter them down? Angela will begin to negotiate method of Volunteer Coordination

Fireworks - What do Police expect? What does city expect?

- we need to go to City Council to find out what our rights/ their expectations are for that day.
- should we do things early in the day then shut down? Or abandon that day at Hart Plaza?

Youth Encampment: where? - Historic Fort Wayne: 20 min bike ride from Cobo: possible boat use? Dianne and Linda are going to check this option out this week- however, one thing we must be mindful of is access to water -Wigle Field- part of Wayne State - Friend’s School on Lafayette

How will we supply running water for Youth Encampment? - what is our take on the possibility of Solar Showers?

For housing overflow: Greg had idea for adopting land for using for campgrounds. - if we adopted, what would we give back? Plant a garden? Clean it up?

Garden camping - tie in with solidarity housing: ask if garden-owners would be willing to trade gardening for shelter bostonian 11.5

Next meeting: Sustainability Subcommittee will meet on Tuesday, August 18 at 1923 Café, 1923 Holbrook, Hamtramck, at 5:15PM

Notetaker: Angie