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Notes for Comm - meeting

Communications issues:

  • Mark's email to group got bounced, so people don't know where etherpad is:
    • On the left sidebar there is a link to 'Web Tools' and on that page there are two etherpads available.
    • Also, MarkDilley thinks it would be great for people to be in IRC (which is also on left sidebar of wiki)
    • Mark suggests that we use a roundtable mode for the conference call

attendess of call

Adele N - Communications Coordinator

  • Reg M- Co-Chair
  • Sylvia O - National Coordinator
  • Lane R - Detroit
  • Kimberly K - LA - Pacifica Radio
  • Mark D - Wiki person
  • Nadine W - Rights Working Group - human rights organization
  • Veronica H - Wichita State University
  • Scott B - LA - from Sociologists without Borders
  • David M - Chicago
  • Matthew C - Detroit, Professor at Macomb Community College
  • Charles L - NYC


Thursday, Feb. 4, 2010 - 3pm est, 2pm cst, 1pm mst, 12 pm pst

- Decide who will take notes/facilitate meeting
- Introduction/check-ins
o Identify any new members
- Any additions to the agenda?
- Quick updates/report backs
- Next Steps
o Strategy plan/narrative
o Survey
o Regional Breakdown plan
o ICT/tech/site content
- Wiki maintenance
- People's Media Center: Identify individuals/orgs to invite
- Quick announcements and scheduling


David - online street team

  • PSA creation - working on an basic audio promo "what is the USSF, why should you go"
  • Video/audio/graphics

- considering a HOT video promo. anyone else been working/wanna work on this? - is a project of AJ Viola that just came out, it appears to be USSF sponsored though I don't think it's official. They're soliciting audio/video from folks around the forum. Perhaps we can build this into our comm plan- AJ is just moving to Detroit from Chicago for the forum. - considering developing a propaganda poster line around the 14 key messages/program tracks, perhaps working with top propagandists to develop some fun stuff (just seeds collective, beehive, designaction, etc.) Chicago artists are developing banners, tshirts already for the Forum & Detroit

  • Fundraising Project Idea - an Online store (for tshirts, posters, buttons, stickers). Tools like and could do shipping & handling for our designs if we want to explore an online 'local' store idea like this?
  • Music - B Lowe of Outreach team is doing a large concert/release part of a Music for the People's album, which soliticed music/audio from artists around the midwest to write social justice related pieces. The concert is a fundraiser for the USSF. Maybe something to explore as a national project.
  • Which platforms do we want to use as a team: so far we have:

PR related: -

External Social Web: - twitter, various movement & USSF related links to a wide audience - tweetdeck- team twittering (COMM-Media organizers) - facebook page - our main facebook presence and point of base-building - facebook group - not our focus, but we needed to corner an official 'group' nonetheless - facebook person "us SocialForum" - so we dont have to send out from public individuals, so we can be 'invited' to related events happening around the country. - myspace - reserved but not developed

Adele - talking about new quarter sheet design - Sylvia working on

Charles - email team?

David - social medal, web team coordinator

Charles - suggesting email team seperate from social media team

- david agrees, will work with charles & other email marketing specialists to head up this team and transfer power of the elists from outreach if that's agreeable within the COMM & OC plans

B is going to be talked to to see what emails addresses we have

Reg askes, talking external emails addresses or internal list emails?

  • External email addresses, 7000 - base for all email to seed social media.

Link to tech/media organizational diagram:

Adele - did everyone get the survey?

if you know of other people send surevey - LINK HERE

wants new working group memebers join, to get packet = LINK HERE

ICT Tech agenda item

Tickets being processed:

  • information - how it being handled
  • call from tonight to get updated
  • process to get info on the website needs to be clarified

Adele - explains -

add video to explain wiki -

People's MEdia Center

Will be used at the Forum. If you want in on this conversation, talk to Adele. Next call Feb. 27, 9pm EST

Quick announcements and scheduling

Registration opened on Jan. 27
USSF accepting workshop proposals
Reg drafted leaflet/resource with rates/process for workshop proposals. Being cleared with the Programming WG.
Should be up on wiki/website early next week.
Will be sent out to group.

We need a FAQ section.

Do you know a good translator? Spanish/Arabic/French. Talk to Adele.

  • Mark will ask Jessica and Bruce

Moderation of social networking site (Facebook/Twitter)

Who is on sub-group web folks: David is heading it up

  • MarkDilley is interested
  • Charles
  • Who else?


Do we do have a plan for a single account or mulitple accounts

OC Call on Monday. What additional issues need to be addressed?

Next call is February 18th