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Minutes - USSF Cultural committee August 31 Meeting called to order at 6:30 by Oya.

Present, Barb, Nadir, Sou, Danielle, Ron, Akanke (apologies for misspellings) and Oya.

Oya asked if people wanted to be taken off both listserves. There is quite a bit of info coming along. It can all be accessed through the Wiki.

We officially have Hart Plaza from June 21-26 (the posted dates of USSF is 22-26). Monday will be set-up.

     Security questions: how do we keep the plaza and our equipment secure. Nadir brought up the many festivals at HP through the season, we have to talk to some of the people who work on other events.
     Fireworks at June 23. We will have some special security issues, as well as unprecedented access and opportunity. 

The film festival is a go. A venue hasn't been chosen yet but there are many choices.

Website is up and running.

We will ask filmmakers and musicians to submit their work for us on DVD and CD

There will be vendor space in Cobo Hall.

We need to get the city tours together (Heidelberg, gardens, Labor tour).

We want the murals completed before the 21st. Oya asked Soh to head the mural project. He is considering the request. We project 12 locations. We are looking at a Kresge grant for the murals.

Kids space will need interactive art and creative work.

The religion committee is now the Faith, Congregation and Spirituality Committee.

Logistics is headed by Dianne Feeley.

Danielle will work on the Film Festivals. We consider a charge for submissions. There is precedent.

Barb will need to speak to Kathy Rashid about puppets. The Matrix has been contacted for help with puppets and street theater.

Tuesday is the opening March. Probably down Woodward.

Wednesday is Great Lakes Regional Focus

Thursday is Global Justice.

Suggestion to contact ACCESS and Ishmael Ahmed for help. Freedom House of Detroit and Ignacio who works on Cuba issues.

Friday is THE VISION (the real point of the social forum)

Saturday is the

People's Assembly from 9:30am-9:30pm at Cobo.

We need to find the curfew for Hart Plaza.

Tent City needs fleshed out, Nadir suggested we contact the organizers of the Burning Man event.

Working Group Update

subgroup meetings are Culture on Tuesday, Programming on Monday. Everybody is welcome to participate in conference calls.

Budget - Culture has submitted a budget. We have $25,000 for culture and programming.

Co-chair is Reeshe (sic)

Try to arrange for hotel rooms instead of cash for headliners. We have no money to pay, we need to stress our poverty.

The Green Party will pay for Rosa Clemente to come to Social Forum

Suggestions: Sweet Hpney in the Rock. Barb will check with friends in DC (Elise Bryant of the Meany Center) to ask.

Discussion about adult content when children will be attending. We wish this to be a PG13 event.

Labor Day - Banners are made, there will be a platform at Woodward and Adams. We need marchers.

Next meeting September 14 at the Collective. Please have your ask the artist list ready by the 12th. Next meeting we will break down to specific committees.

Adjourned at 8:04 Submitted by BabaraIngalls