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Culture Subgroup Meeting Notes



  • Oya Amakisi: Detroit
  • Rishi Awatramani: Washington, DC.


Culture Committee and Culture Working Group responsibilities defined.

1. What are the roles and responsibilities of each group?
a. logistics
b. recruitment of artists/cultural expressions
c. fundraising
d. programming schedule

The questions could not be answered without the participation of the participation from the Culture Committee and Working Group. DLOC Culture Committee would be encouraged to participate in the Culture Subgroup and Programming and Culture Working Group calls. Rishi will participate via speakerphone in the DLOC Culture Committee meetings until recruitment on the conference calls has more interaction with DLOC. Intense recruitment on a national level for the Culture Working Group is necessary.

Rishi and Oya had distinct differences on when and how the C recruitment process should proceed.

Upcoming Calls

Next whole working group call: Mon, Sept 7th, 9pm EST

Next culture sub-group call: Mon, Sept 15th, 6pm EST (time and date is flexible)

Call in info for both calls:

Call-in Number: 712.432.9998.
Access Code: 841125 #

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