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Please download (or add) the latest flyers for Detroit Local Organizing Committee events, activities, and meetings!


USSF-LGBT Potluck and Fundraiser 10-16-09 (File:LGBT-USSFpotluckflyer101609.pdf)
Foster the Vote Halloween Party 10-31-09 (File:FTV! Halloween Party 09.pdf)
USSF-Indigenous Rights Potluck and Fundraiser fliers 11-19-09 (File:Indigenous potluck flyer1.pdf)
USSF-Indigenous Rights Potluck and Fundraiser half sheets 11-19-09 (File:Indig potluck halfsht 1.pdf)


Steps to add a flyer/link

a) Click "Upload File" on left side navigation menu. (Note: you must be logged on to access this)
b) Upload your file and type in a description of your file.
c) Copy the name of your uploaded file (e.g., MyFlyer.pdf)
d) Click on "edit this page" on this DLOC Flyers page/link.
e) Create a link for your flyer by typing it as [[Media:MyFlyer.pdf|Sample flyer 10-01-09]]--put your file in double brackets, add a pipe bar (|) and give it a descriptive name that includes the date.
f) Preview or save your file at the bottom.