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DEBRIEF: Streaming TECH:

  • Interpretation setup/ can we move away from main camera/mic?
  • Sound quality was not great. Can we have mic near speakers rather than on camera? Esp. poor quality with Ethel's Skype -which was picked up through a speaker.


  • Assign emcee for stream: Need more communication with stream audience.
  • Timing: Coordinate room to be more mindful of our connection to streaming audience. (Dinner ran late, hard to get group to start when announced stream was to start).
  • Panel participants: George recommended responding to people in room/opportunities to invite folks to show diversity of movements (panel was 4 African Americans & white woman—room had Latino/Asian).
  • More organizing of organizations to plug into stream and use for organizing—input local feedback into national.
  • Some people reported that tehy couldn't view in their browser. Can we list recommended browsers and settings?
  • Can we create a way for people to test their connections prior to the stream? Sound and image? (Like Skype does)