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The following documents inform discussion about the site/s selection for USSF-3 and how the polycentric USSF is envisioned.

BACKGROUND Online resources and details on what the idea of "polycentric" social forums has entailed. Much of this discussion originates with the 2006 World Social Forum

Polycentric Social Forums Background

Communications & Technology Working Group: Visioning the Polycentric Social Forum

Site Selection Team Report/Proposal

Site selection team Executive Summary recommendation from ACT.
Detailed Plan for 2014-2016 Road
Site selection team full report from Philly visit and responses
Detailed notes from Philly visit

These documents were discussed at a special NPC call on Tuesday Nov. 26 (12-2PM Eastern) See notes from November NPC Call.

REVISED Alternative Proposal for discussion

Supplemental visual on centric vs. polycentric forum models

Alternative Proposal

Visual on centric vs. polycentric forum models
Concerns and Summary
Alternatives Detailed Discussion

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