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The USSF E-Newsletter supports the continued work of the US Social Forum to help build social movements in the US and connect struggles in this country with international ones. Each issue will highlight particular themes and provide updates on the work of the USSF, People's Movement Assemblies, and World Social Forum process. We will aim to produce the newsletter in English and Spanish and distribute to participants in the USSF in Detroit and other supporters of the USSF process. Editorial Team: Mallory Knodel ( English editor, translation management, formatting/dissemination Jackie Smith, Tom Stephens, MarkDilley: writers Sandra: Spanish editor Volunteers welcome! Contact ( or

Upcoming issues and proposed themes

The content of each issue will include features on the theme; People's Movement Assembly Update/s and highlights; News from the USSF and WSF Process; & Calendar.

December 2012
November 2012
"WSF Free Palestine"
October 2012
September 2012
"Mahgreb Social Forum/ Alternative Media Social Forum"
August 2012
"Forum on Forums"
July 2012
"International AIDS Conference, DC"
June 2012
"Rio + 20"
May 2012
"First of May actions, labor"
"G8/NATO in Chicago"
April 2012
"Rio +20 analysis and issues"
"Indigenous conference-Kansas"
"Report on NPC/USSF consulta"
March 2012
"PMA: Formerly Incarcerated Peoples Movement Assemblies"
"Gender Justice"
"Report from the USSF Meeting" - Sylvia and Jackie
"Chico Whitaker's article"
February 2012
"PMA Calendar"
"Movements in this Movement: Connections between the World Social Forums and Occupy Movement"
(Interviews: Maureen T.; George F.; International?; POLL: There has been considerable controversy among movements against oppression over the name "Occupy." Do you think another name would better suit this movement? What alternative name would you propose?)