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Eric joined Free Speech TV in June 1998, and is responsible for programming and production. In 1994, after working for corporate outlets like Belo's Dallas Morning News, Viacom's KNDD "The End", and MCA/Universal's Northern Exposure, Eric founded the Seattle Independent Media Coalition, an alliance of 25 community print, video, audio and internet groups. He also participated in the founding of the New York Free Media Alliance and the Bay Area Alternative Media Network. In November of 1999, Eric helped mobilize the Seattle Independent Media Center (IMC), which brought together over 400 media activists to produce breaking video, audio, print and photo coverage of events during the shut down of the World Trade Organization's ministerial meetings. In spare time, Eric produces narrative work, including Drunk by Noon and Fluffy, an award-winning short film that imagines a world beyond wages and point of purchase human transactions.