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Please help us draft a list of questions and answers to questions about the USSF. We'll periodically move them over to the websites and share them with others--please invite others to help!


  • Are there any hotel discounts during the USSF?

Yes, several hotel block reservations have been made in the Detroit area and there are discounted rates for anyone attending the USSF. You can find a list of them at

  • Is there anywhere I can stay besides a hotel?

We are in the middle of securing several alternate housing arrangements, including solidarity housing in churches and longer-term apartment and home rentals. That information is coming soon.

  • Is the USSF arranging any "couch surfing" options?

No, we are not coordinating any couch surfing connections between local residents and out-of town guests. But there are several local residents who participate in For safety reasons, we discourage the use of Craigslist for housing match ups.

  • It is possible to purchase a home before the USSF for my organization?

Yes, with the high foreclosure rate in Detroit, several affordable homes are available for purchase (many under $10,000). This is an attractive option for groups who would rather invest in the community than spend their money at hotels. For more information about this, please contact Maureen Taylor, USSF Detroit Co-Coordinator, at

  • How does one get involved in a work brigade?

You can plug into US Social Forum organizing efforts like work brigades by going to

  • What's going on with bicycle caravans to Detroit?

Join the more than 5,000 bicyclists making their way to the USSF on two wheels! Get more info at

  • What is a People's Movement Assembly (PMA)?

We're glad you asked! PMA's are a local, regional, national gathering of people to discuss and analyze our conditions, and then come up with visions, commitments, and demands for how things could be different. The PMA is a facilitated space to develop resolutions and coordinate actions that will bring us closer to our shared visions. We've developed a PMA Toolkit at that you can use in your community or region to develop creative solutions to our daily struggles.

(see TRANSPORTATION for more information)

  • How can I submit a workshop proposal?

Organizations who have registered for the USSF can submit 1 workshop proposal. Go to for information on how to submit a proposal.

  • Each workshop has to have one organization bottomlining it, though an organization can be listed as a collaborating organization on other workshops.
  • Individuals, whether registered or not, cannot submit workshop proposals. Only registered organizations can submit workshop proposals.
  • What is the deadline for submitting workshop proposals?

Workshop proposals will be accepted until March 20, 2010. Notifications on workshop acceptance will be sent out by May 30, 2010.

  • How can artists submit a proposal to perform or showcase their art?

We have an cultural submission form at for anyone interested in performing or showcasing their visual art.

  • Will there be a Children's Social Forum?

Yes, we are working out the details on a Children's Social Forum where kids 6-12 years of age can also participate in learning and sharing. Stay posted for more information coming soon.

  • Will there be child care for younger children?

We hope to be able to provide a safe and friendly place for little ones to play and learn at the Forum. More information will be shared soon.

  • Do children need to sign up or register for the Social Forum?
  • Where will the USSF take place?

The USSF will be centrally located in downtown Detroit at the Cobo Hall convention center and the adjacent, open-air Hart Plaza. Both venues are located along the Detroit River and across from Windsor, Canada. We will also host events at Wayne County Community College District Downtown Campus, Wayne State University, nearby hotels and other local community sites.

  • How much will it all cost?

The cost will vary for everyone but we've made some estimates based on different budgets. Go to for more information.

  • What spaces will be available at the forum for groups that want to have meetings?

Local logistics organizers are arranging a variety of sites and spaces where groups can meet up. There will also be many open public spaces for self-organized gatherings. We will share more information soon.

  • Will there be opportunities for me/ my company to participate as a vendor? How do I sign up?

March 23 11-1pm Vendors Meeting at USSF office Priority to vendors from Detroit, Highland Park, Hamtramck

  • How can my organization get a table or a booth to distribute literature and meet people?

  • How can I officially endorse the USSF?

Read the USSF Endorsers Pledge at then submit your contact information and website. Your individual or organization name will be posted on the USSF website as an important ally in this work!

  • Can the USSF support me in obtaining a visa to attend this event?

Please submit a visa request letter from the US Social Forum at

  • What are the registration rates for international participants?

The rate for international guests who participate as individuals is $20 (USD), or $40 (USD) for organizations.

  • The Disability Justice Committee is committed to assisting persons with disabilities who would like to learn more about and/or participate in the USSF. For more information, please go to . You may also request registration forms and other USSF documents in alternative formats by contacting or calling (248) 956-0354.

  • Is the schedule available for the forum?
We will be posting a Schedule-at-a-Glance by March 15th on the website. The full schedule will not be available until after all the workshops, PMAs, plenaries and other programming is set.
  • Can my group or alliance do a plenary session?
USSF plenaries are organized by the National Planning Committee. There will be a plenary on June 23, 24 and 25 of the forum, and each plenary will tie into the theme of the day and be an intersectional and interactive evening. As more information on the plenary process is available we will post it.

  • What are the goals of the USSF?

At a NPC meeting in Atlanta 2009, we drafted and affirmed these five goals for USSF 2010:

-- Create a space for social movement convergence and strategic discussion.
-- Advance social movements agenda for action and transformation.
-- Build stronger relationships and collaboration between movements.
-- Deepen our commitment to international solidarity and common struggle.
-- Strengthen local capacity to improve social conditions, organizing and movement building in Detroit.
Learn more about the USSF at
  • Can I join the National Planning Committee?

The NPC will be accepting new applicants until April 1, 2010, after which we will not be accepting new applicants [until after the Forum, depending on future plans]. Check out the NPC page at for information on joining the National Planning Committee or becoming an Endorser.

  • How can I register for the USSF?

Go to and select Individual or Organization registration. For persons who prefer to register by mail, there are forms available on the page that you can download and print.

  • What is the deadline for registration?

Early registration ends May 1, late registration continues through the USSF from June 22-26, 2010.

  • How can I get help with registration problems?

For technology-related problems with the website, email For non-tech related registration issues, contact

  • What is included in an organization registration?

Organization registration is for any grassroots group, school, network, foundation, business or other collective who would like to register as one group. Organization rates vary and include three persons. Additional persons may be added at a reduced rate.

  • Can organizations track other members who register?

Yes, on online registration forms, individuals and organizations have the option to type in a group that they primarily identify with or have membership in. By doing so, the contact person who registers the organization can review a list of everyone who registered and identified that particular organization.

  • Can organizations edit their list of registered members?

This registration option that will be available soon but at this time is not yet possible. Our ICT (technology) working group expects to have this function completed by the end of March 2010. We regret any inconvenience.

  • Can I apply for a scholarship?

Yes, however, we encourage everyone to put forth their best effort to make the USSF possible by paying a registration fee. We've got several ideas for raising funds, including our Grassroots Fundraising Kit--check out

For individuals and organizations who cannot afford to pay even the lowest fees ($10 and $40, respectively), there are registration scholarships available. You can apply for a scholarship when you register at or mail-in the downloadable registration and scholarship forms on the page.
  • Are there any funds available to help me get to the USSF in Detroit?

Like you, were are fundraising for the USSF! At this time, we do not know of available resources to assist with travel to the Forum. We are researching the possibility of travel assistance grants, please stay posted.

  • How can folks get to the forum?

Information on transportation to the forum is coming in every day. Most people will drive, fly, take the train, bike and even walk to Detroit! Check out some of the caravans and ways that people, like you, are making their way to Detroit

  • Are there any travel discounts?

We are working to arrange national airline and train discounts, and local transportation options. We'll let you know more soon.