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Guide to information on USSF Organizing Work

Because we are committed to democratic participation and transparency, we make extensive efforts to document our meetings and make notes available to NPC members and people who are interested in supporting the USSF process. Our work is carried out mainly by volunteers, and so we are trying to make it as easy as possible for people to find ways to contribute to this work. We invite your input on how to improve our communications; but better yet, we invite you to help us do just that!

  • We have a wiki site ( that is designed to help us work together. The site operates like a regular website for people seeking information. But it also allows for easy editing so that working group members can share the work of posting notes and editing the pages.
On the home page of the wiki, you can find news reports on the US and World Social Forum, and most recently we have provided links to stories on the exciting World Social Forum that just took place in Tunis.
On the left hand side of the page, you can find links to various resources, such as the main political documents that reflect the points of unity for the USSF, how to get involved, orientations to the history of the social forums, and links to the working groups and the NPC. On the working group pages, you can find information about contact people and meeting times, so you can easily get involved in the USSF work.

  • The key space for all documentation related to National Planning Committee work—including meeting notes--can be found here.

The Accountability and Coordination Team (ACT) facilitates the overall work of the US Social Forum and plans the NPC meetings and agendas. You can find the details of the ACT’s work, including meeting notes [1]here.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact Jackie ( or Joseph ( If you want to help us improve communications work in our movement, join the communications and technology working group!