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ITC Meeting Notes 03 Sep 2009

In attendance:

  • MarkDilley
  • Mallory
  • Alfredo
  • Jamie
  • Mark Libkuman
  • Nancy Bringham


  • Politics of Corporate Websites (6:00 - 6:35)

Jamie: Politics of free software and corporate websites. Constant tension between the use of free software and software and servers and services in proprietery control. Etherpad is prime example of the tension. Jamie thinks that free software is one of the ways the ict working group contributes to the Social Forum movement - makeing a stand on principles.

Nancy: Communications commity - very anxious to use new media, which a lot doesn't have free software options. People don't want to be left behind. When at AMC people were using latest thing in new media, facebook, twitter, google maps.

MarkDilley: Baby steps. people don't even know this issue, our job is to begin to teach people. The buy in will come later.

Mark Libkuman: Rate as tools, social networking, and applications like Etherpad - we don't do core orgainzg through these proprietory tools. We are trying to use organize organizers, we need to go to where they are. Reality of the situation, we need to pay attention too.

Mallory: Bring it back to anticipate to technology principles - use these proprietory tools, to communicate our ideas. Not poster organization for twitter / facebook. World Social Forum is now using EtherPad because it has been so succesful. This is a problem. Internet is for building things, not just using things. Take this opportunity to create the tools we need.

Mark Libkuman: Specific etherpad / general principles - let's build an open source etherpad.

Nancy, Jamie - great ideas - primary roles. this is what comes naturally to us. Other organizers want to do x, we need to do x. Mallory talking about normal roles - our job is to educate. Finding free software alternative is not the only part, because we will go crazy trying to build the tools. Stepping out of the role as the fix it role, but pushing people politically.

Nancy - agree - pick targets to develop something etherpad is good example - use facebook to reach out to where peopel are, is a great tool.

Mark Libkuman - important to realize they don't create successful campaigns - more indicator that organization is already organized.

Alfredo - cant ignore things - mass tools / movements - no people aren't using them. We have to interact with them. Point is what we think and say about them. Principle is a poltical one - an imbodyment of principles of internet / social forum. Greatest collaborative activity in US / Free open source to be . we don't see it as a choice of SF and use of OSS as a political activity. Doesn't mean people aren't using other things. We can't walk away.

  • Add representatives discussion (6:30 - 6:40)

table it because Sylvia Orduno brought it up. How do we expand this working group.

Expressed that this is important, Mark L will try to bring ideas to next meeting.

possible link discussed:

  • Full-time Person Hiring Decision (6:40 - 6:55)
    • Detroit was concerned that the person(s) be their concerns be in that job description.
? talked to Maureen - and figured out they were mostly on same page.

Diane truncated to a one page description with a link to this page - in living document. (where is it?)

This process is supposed to be wrapped up in a week, we need to get candidates by the 11th of September.

Mark L - why can't this be pushed back? Big commitment, short time means that small circle is going to be included. Hard to reach.

8 days seems to soon. longer this is less they have to pay people. we should make a sane hire

Jamie - we need to hire soon and Mallory is interested in the job

Nancy - if we didn't already have someone - then it would be different.

Job Announcement is up - on email on wiki and on twitter.

? Do we want to do a special meeting to have this major task to select this person.

Jamie: shall it be a general or specific meeting nancy agrees

One page has been sent out. Went to our lists.

  • Budget check-in (6:51 - 6:55)

Jamie and I? supposed to do budget

Jamie did a budget brainstorm ( )

  • Requests/ questions from Communications committee (6:55 - 7:05 )

Nacny - two questions

2nd is more important - link from Writers Network to add to Get Involved Page

Reg wants mass texting capabilities - Nacny can see it as we get closer.

  • TextMob can do mass send out - (is it OSS)
    • Did we use in 2007 - nope, never got used

Jamie: this is a good thing to think about intergrating into site for our social networking tools. Give people the tools.

Mallory - Drupal module has sms messaging - already there - Civic CRM does it?

? Allow complexipty to avoid trip spam filters pretty quick - is a concern

Nancy will ask Reg to imagine kinds of uses

  • Stylistic fixes to web site (7:05 - 7:08)

Nancy has lots of tickets in about

schedule to meet on how to access style sheet and CSS

Do a technical workday - Thursday afternoon for above.

  • Web content organization: What content belongs on which website? (7:08 - 7:20)
    • Planning Wiki

MarkDilley - suggest using the wiki to push to the main site

MarkDilley and Nancy to do a map, Jamie may do it.


  • Community - registration and donations
  • Organize - newest added - being all purpose social networking
  • Wiki - all purpose site for organizers to hash out and collaborate
  • Proliferation of subdomains - ITT and other

Nancy should this be pulbic, should be on front page, Jamie thinks it should be the sidebar navigation

      • registration
      • workshop registration

Ross is paying attention to this and this is very important, democratically and such.

  • Report back from Program and Culture conference call (7:20 - 7:33)

not going to have enough for everyone - so that is why the call out for projectors

? Problem of projectors - computer laptop alternatives -

We can help with physcal issues.

we should enable people to share hardware

Nancy - husband does tours of DIA and Diego Riveria Murals -

  • Would he have to be sponsored by a group.

Mark L - hard and fast proposal deadline by end of October

Mallory: We haver thought about it, we will need to develop it

Do this on work day -

  • Quick announcements: civicrm dev training, job description posted, fsq expanded event, ...

Mallory - training in NYC for Civic CRM

For next agenda

  • Should we use the planning wiki instead of this one for non ticket work
    • How can we clean up ticket que.