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August 5, 2009 @ 11:00 am Eastern

Present: Jen, Cindy, Rocio, Mallory

Recap from NPC

Keeping this as a committee, rather than a working group, is a good lesson learned from Atlanta (via Collin). Highlights include starting early (check!) for translation needs, post the forum event such that world embassies are aware of it, directly inviting IC (WSF) members, all people that requested a visa for atlanta got one, and building a relationship with an immigration lawyer will be helpful.


  • email account (Mallory post ticket on ICT)
  • email list for organizers to deal with messages sent to account (Mallory ditto)
  • toll-free USSF number, add voicemail box or information recorded in menu system
  • create information sheet about visa applications and request letters for staff answering USSF phones/info emails

Global Day

"Global Day" was approved as an initiative by the World Social Forum IC in an effort to homogenize 18 regional/thematic social forums that will be happening in the interim before the 2011 WSF in Senegal. This will bring a strong international presence to Detroit and the USSF will be organizing around this in the form of dedicating the second day: "Global Day." Time will be given to this topic during the IC/FSQ. A budget should be made quickly to find funding for bringing people here.

Quebec Social Forum (FSQ)

IC (World Social Forum) meeting in Montreal October 6 - 8, 2009

Quebec Social Forum October 9 - 12, 2009

Goals: (sent in an email) generally, "global day" and making solid connections with the world social forum process, etc.

Criteria for NPC/LOC representatives in Quebec. Representatives from working groups and NPC members are invited based on the following list:

  • ICT representative, 1 person
  • local logistics, 2 people
  • program/culture, 1 person
  • staff, 1 person
  • international solidarity committee, 3 people
  • people's movement assembly

Budget: Travel options

Vehicle Detroit NYC
Train $300, 11.5 hr $120, 11 hr
Bus $106, 22 hr $146, 8 hr
Car $835, 9 hr $988, 6.5 hr
Plane $483, 4 hr $393, 1.5 hr
Boat? Skateboard?

Local transportation

Registration for FSQ


Food Attendees would be "on their own" for food.