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Leftist Lounge will be a major cultural event of the Social Forum endorsed by the Culture Subgroup of the Program/Culture Working Group on the night of Friday, June 25th. We have decided to endorse the event for several reasons. Leftist Lounge came to Detroit in March of 2009 to meet local activists and cultural workers, with the intent to build strong local relationships to help plan towards the USSF 2010 and to develop Leftist Lounge into an ongoing presence in Detroit with completely local leadership and participation. In the time since then, they have visited Detroit four times, co-hosted and planned a party to build a major local political institution (the Allied Media Conference), and have recruited four cultural activists onto their national planning team. Leftist Lounge is committed to using their event at the Social Forum to raise funds for the Forum itself.

Subcommittee Lead: Rishi Awatramani

LL Team members needed!

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