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People of Faith and Spirituality Committee Meeting 9/10

In attendance: Jim Perkinson, Frank Leineke, Ange Smith, Robert Bloom, Skip Wachsmann, Harry Jones, Doretha Jones, Pat Thompson, Edwin Rowe, Solomon Edward, Rev. Maurice Rudd, Rev. Sandra Gordon, John Talk, Kevin Turman, Helen Brewster, Mike Kelly, Lynda Smith, Stuart Smith, Charles Williams, Tom Martin, Bill Wylie-Kellerman, Kenneth Floyd, Pastor Douglas Butler, Rev. Malik Shabazz, Joan Smith

I. Introduction/ Questions about the Mission/Vision Statement

B. Wylie-Kellerman- gave short introduction of USSF for those who are new to the committee

H. Jones raised the concern: Is this an ongoing thing- will we keep meeting after everything is said and done (after the forum) so that it will continue instead of ending?

Response by C. Williams, B. Wylie-Kellerman, and E. Rowe-the Forum is a movement building process- it aims to connect different groups across Detroit in order to organize for forum and so a network is created for us to continue to work together after the forum. Forum itself doesn’t have an agenda, open space for conversation, workshops, panels etc.

There is the possibility of being plugged in to a campaign- so we could have something to work on together.

II. Committee Report backs

a. Rev. M. Rudd- Action committee- sees forum as a chance to take advantage of people power- plan strategic rallies. Working on protests- after trying diplomacy. Aiming for 10 rallies- currently building list of targets as well as lists of specific requests. Needs to do fact-finding.

b. Education and program- B. Wylie-Kellerman- Working on- gospel fest at forum itself- as well as an advance gospel event. Would like to bring in a name artist and include church choirs. Also an event to promote USSF and invite others to join March 20? Workshops- Faith and Spirituality need to have a visible presence- set dates for retreat for committee and interested others: end of January. Gives one month to design workshop proposals. Suggested many in the group collaborate for a F and S workshop or series. Word and World could be a partner- they are involved in Jan. retreat. We have been asked to represent USSF at the week of events for the anniversary of the Greensboro massacre. If interested in working on a committee- speak to Rev. M. Rudd for action, B.Wylie-Kellerman for Education and Programming, Pastor D. Butler for Logistics

c. Outreach- L. Smith- M. Fitsimmons is chair Never got off the ground- didn’t have a real plan for outreach- L. is new, M. may not keep coming.

B. Wylie-Kellerman- outreach work is very important. Each subcommittee here has another group at DLOC that we could partner with- outreach is active- we need to be connecting groups.

d. Logistics- H. Jones and Rev. D. Butler: Rev. D. Butler has made National Baptist convention transportation work very well- hoping to use his structure. H. Jones- arranged for 50 houses to host 14 people each. Every house will have a 15 passenger van to provide transportation to and from Forum- Breakfast and dinner can also be provided.

Important to have good system of drivers downtown to bring people from forum to various restaurants etc. Wondering how bikes and the bus system fit- will that be used only in downtown? Courtesy car situation was suggested: there is a fee to register a car with forum- if registered it becomes Courtesy car- driver gets t-shirt, badge, and sticker for the car- but driver can only get tips. This happened at the convention- we should not use cabs.

H. Jones is ready to show chairs of committee the 50 houses that are willing to host- he has furniture for 30 houses right now.

They will be making a list of people who are willing to host smaller numbers of people, and they have suggested asking for reasonable donations from guests.

III. The next meeting will be Oct. 8 10am hosted at Rev. M. Rudd’s church 7345 W. Chicago Detroit 48204 (between Livernois and Oakland on W. Chicago) Greater Mount Tabor If smaller committees want to meet the morning of (in addition to meeting before) people can come as early as nine.