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Approved Overall 5 Day Structure Design To The USSF 2010 Program

Day 1: Tuesday- people arrive, opening march, opening concert, getting settled/oriented day

Day 2: Wednesday- local/regional day, not limited to local struggles, highlight, and illustrate interconnectedness nationally and globally

Day 3: Thursday- focus on solutions, with guidance from the IC, solutions on a global context/concept... so that our social movements can move to effect solutions in the global crises

Day 4: Friday- vision- focus on what is next, what the struggles can achieve

Day 5: Saturday- closing day, People's Movement Assembly day

Day two three and four are when the majority or all of the self organized workshops or sessions will take place. we'll be experimenting with an assembly format as well. organizations and networks around cross issue dialogue

Plenary sessions will happen

We want to build movement convergence, building cross organization/issue/network dialogue so that people can see that we're coming together. In the spirit of convergence, organizations may have only one workshop that they present by themselves as the lead. If you want to do more, collaborate or have a different lead organization. That applies to alliances / networks; they all count as one, but then their members could each do one as well. Time is 2 hour blocks of time.

Assemblies will be four hour blocks of time (The alliance can encourage collaboration, and since each group gets 2 hours each, a collaboration alliance can afford a 4 hour block of time)

Opening and closing march coordinated by local organizing committee.

We will identify between 10 and 15 tracks. We’ll come up with an initial listing and then through a consultation process will get those refined. Goal is to have all of that done by early October.

Other venues are open.

Encourage people to be thinking about their proposals for the workshops.

All of these notes will be placed on the wiki page today. Look for them up there tomorrow at the latest.

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