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USSF OC Meeting May 21, 2010

In the house:

Ruben Solis, PMA Rose Brewer, Gender Justice Jardyn Lake, Youth Derek Rankins, observer Norris, People's Institute observer Diana Copeland, EMEAC Anchor Walda Katz-Fishman, Program and Culture Jerome Scott, Program Genaro Lopez Renden, observer Jackie Smith, Doc and Eval Scott Byrd, Comms Reg McGhee, Comms Steph Guilloud, PMA, Finanace Alfredo Lopez, ICT Mallory, staff tech, ICT Jamie McClelland, ICT Adele Nieves, Comms staff B Loewe, field organizer Tammy Bang Luu, outreach Sha Grogan Brown, Resource, FR staff Will Copeland, staff local coordinator Cindy Wiesner, outreach Michael Guerrero, resources Roberto Tijerina, Language Access Adrienne Maree Brown, National Coordinator Sylvia Orduno, National Coordinator Tapeka Dixon, Logistics Maureen Taylor, Local Coordinator Heather Milton Lightnening, Indigenous Darryl Jordan, observer Fred Vitale, PMA Jen Cox, International Solidarity Josue Guillen Akudo, field organizer Marian Kramer

Finance Report:

Surdna gave 125K [thanks to Michael and Resource Mob]. We've got our core costs covered.

1,937 organizations registered 6000 [missed specifics on this] $156,451 already paid $50,737 coming based on registrations $207,188 total

Steph expects that the income flow will be much higher over those 5 days cuz folks are waiting for their own cash flow. In atl, $111K came in the days before.

There are foundations putting $$ towards travel grants. We know Ms Foundation, Casey put towards Common Council pooled fund, Veatch, Noyes, Gulf Coast Fund, Needmor, North Start for NY, Hill Snowden, Akonadi, FCYO

We're putting forth a proposal to protect about $140,000 for costs after the Forum - including stipends for this meeting, staff coordinators and accountant, documentation and evaluation, and follow-up meeting. Not an approval of expenses - more an affirmation of priority.

Based on the budgets we approved in March, we need to review. Most WGs have not pulled from the $$ they said they needed. The process for reimbursement etc, need to get that to Victor. For major costs give Victor a heads-up. Also - if you have adjustments to the costs, let me know.

Cost needs:

People's Media Center - 5K ICT doesnt want to rely on Cobo Hall internet - want to set up own - $3K - for 10 DSL lines Alfredo - may be get free cuz in the same union Walda - Pgm/Logistics - folks to help with spreadsheets. For logistics - how pgm and logisitcs ginna work together on the ground to put pieces in place - dont know whats allocated for support. Disability Justice - access coordinator during the event and a CART system Language Justice - budget submitted in March didn't have a line item for sign language interpreters. $4K could include that, but there's still a gap

Logistics: Program - staffing for working with spreadsheets Emergency Healthcare - $3500 on top of core costs - for onsite things that may happen at forum. EMTs and ability of volunteers to get things done.

AMB - does it include supply list sent out last night. if not, do we have to buy? Will - have to look into it. May have to supplement.

B - havent heard from DJ. Not here but months ago need coordinator. Want a CART system to caption on screens.

Scott - the PMC budget was approved. Asked for $10 but got $5. Steph - $5 is there, this is additional.

Staying on top of cash flow. Stuff w Praxis working well - Victor planning large cash transfer.

Approve intention to protect $140K for beyond June 2010. - Yes Will C - Concern is it enugh money? It's a start.

Bags were not accounted for as a specifc cost at registration. for 10K bags is around $20K. numbers now look like can get 18.5K bags for $40K. Other issue is capacity in making.

Ruben - hoping making bags with solidarity org. Yes - Centro Obrero.

AMB - Rocio swamped with t-shirt. May need to pay some folks to help. Steph - got this, in the budget.

Steph - in '07 recouped $30K from a $60 expenditure on t-shirts

Sha - two updates. Page sponshorship in pgm book going well. Will have $10K by end of day. No corp - most from SJ groups. Have 4 awesome poster design plan to sell at forum - additional income. Can show later tdy.

Cindy - formal motion on bags?

[AMB - save a few minutes for finance!]

Staff had dinner last night at Southern Fires. Staff had a chance to write down some concerns/needs. Gonna go around and hear from staff. If feel things OC can give.

Roberto - housng, getting a used printer in the Language Justice space, and queer space Will - lot of needs have to do with core group of folks doing 10-20 tasks. Equals 4-5 tasks/person. Need more folks to lighten folks load. Volunteer coord. More materials for EM services. Health prof volunteers for forum. Need help with porta-potties. City will provide some support but eed to consolidate more. Childrens SF needs volunteers. Need to talk with Oya to take load off culture to manage spaces/artists. Volunteer coordination is biggest. Need 1-2 ppl to process and coord volunteers.

Sha - volunteers** Also registration, Have had good mtg, can track everything but pulling info from list is challenging. Coordination - system to coord volunteers. Input, coord, training. Folks already thinking about it. Childrens SF - lots to do. Lots of questions re tabling and vendors.

B- We have gaps, Plains, Northwest and some pockets of the South. We need help from the NPC.

Adele - volunteers for PMC. help circulate appeals letter. six dividers for PMC. help with creating more 30-60 sec tv spots.

Mallory - transportation during form for folks far away or with access needs. Using good companies. Detroit expanded - how do we support workshops happening? Self-org, but need support.

Akudo- commitments we made in 2007, Queer Visibility- All Gender bathrooms, public safety that we protect people and not alienated people, putting the statement in the poltical program.

Food Accessibility: will there be food available.

Maureen- Volunteers coordination is where we are the weakest. We have about 250 volunteers, but need a coordinator and lists of needs/tasks.

Children's Social Forum is formed up: room, coordinator, and groups of people. And a childcare.

Jardyn - youth space. has been confusion about Childrens SF and youth space , thinking its the same thing. So need to clarify. Have plans to have food in space but Cobo Hall says have to use their caterers.

Maureen - volunteer management capacity is the weakest. Have 250 but have to list/task. Children SFSF firm. Room, coord, staff. Attached to that is childcare facility. Hiring private security concern. Wont be wearing light green - gonna look like security. Againgain, need volunteer coord.

Rose - is there someone who can be hired PT or temp. Gotta have someone .

Tapeka - pass.

Sylvia - have lots of great folks coming. Make sure we can create space here for folks to work. Back room can be volunteer space. Put taks on walls folks can pick. Also get some phones for toll-free calls. Also solidarity housing. ITs coming together but has been tough. AV thing has been a struggle. UAW may be able to support more. Some of this stuff not in working group so no one is holding.

AMB - ID greivance team folks for on the ground as well as staff the info table. Come up for templates for folks that want to be on plenary sessions or still submit workshops. Good to be on same message - its all closed.

Jardin - questions re undocumented youth. Is that separate issue outside security? Just want to know how to dealt with.

Heather - just money.

Open to responses to staff needs.

Oya - thought offered name for someone to coord volunteers. Hasnt beed designated paid position.

Derek - wants to support volunteer coordination. [Cindy too]

Diana - there is a plan coming together for the Children's Social Forum

Tammy - outreach will fold into registration

Josue - yesterday progressive tech pjct decided to focus effort at forum with PMC. Have five staff that will start participating in proess.

Ife in the house.

Cindy - can we move on hiring volunteer person.

Sylvia - trying to fill out logistics budget cuz lots of folks in stipends. Multiple persons being considered and figuring it out.

AMB - next up working groups presenting needs and stuff. Each group goes once.

Working Group Report Back

Communications: no major concerns, but we need make you all media makers [to get from 6k to 15k]. We need to get all of the stories in the blogs and local papers. We want to create an infectious environement. Media will show up. Website- we have done a great job with David Marques doing a wonderful job. We are overwhelmed. We need some lead time on events, we have an informal ticket system. We are going to change the front page. We are going to have a newspaper at the USSF, at least 2. There is a lot of stuff that is not in the program, last minute way to give updates. It will have stories on the caravans, marches, etc. The second paper can give updates on PMA and what is happening on the self-organized activities.

Ruben: Can we highlight the PMA's on the website.

Genero: we want to get an update on all the caravans and whose leading it. We are doing a press release.

Maureen: Can we do a countdown, identify a daily programmatic update on the website.

Heather: There were 2 documents going into ATL. we put into the program. We have a document that has a history of indigenous peoples in this regions. Cultural appropriation statement: can we put it up on the website. We want to be pro-active.

Jardyn: need clarity on what is being done at the Youth Space highlight.

Adele - lots of groups have asked for their principles to be in the program and has been a no. Need principled conversation around that so that everyone is treated fairly. Needs to be a larger group discussion.

Sylvia - need recommendation from folks. Have ony 2-3K of the orange cards before. On OC call felt dont need these national cards post May. Some folks recommended something in newsprint. So maybe we can put something together that has stories. Inexpensive but work intensive. If not that, need direction on what we use.

Adele - prepping 20-40K copies of 12 page leaflet newspaper thru Critical Moment, can order more, if we choose. ready by June 4.

Gender Justice Working Group We have talked about security and bathroom. We have seen the MOU with the security company that is being hired. And we have the language for the program. We want to tweek the language in the contract.

We need to address the youth piece. In 2007, there was sexual harassement. The language about making bathrooms- All Gender What is the numbers:

Maureen- at Cobo Hall the restrooms say men and women and family. The port-potties- we have to figure how put signage.

Rose- it is a question of numbers of all gender-neutral bathrooms have been deisgnated?

Akudo - in March Nora went around and highlighted certain bathrooms to designate as AG bathrooms Can have convo with Maureen and Tapeka.

Cindy - on AG bathrooms, can we say it is a politcal commitment. Cuz family bathrooms are usually one stall. So can we make political commitment to designate as AG to be clear beyond family bathrooms and portapotties.

AMB - we had a political commitment from '07. So can use that.

Maureen - were you able to secure those in the public space in Atl? Jerome: no

Roberto - we need to have a plan for how we deal with security because in ATL that was an issue, trans folks getting harrassed.

ICT Working Group Wiki Alfredo - passing out report (not to discuss). Numbers at bottom of sheet 723, since the end of April. Two points.

Jamie - major resp is supporting the 20K ppl i Detroit and helping with tech needs. Have new volunteers coming plus some more folks a few days before. How support thousands that want to come but cant? Have capacity for live video streaming. But need help. From comm: ID all TV expert in the movement that know how to set up 3 camera setup. Once setup can go live. How can let folks know - get in TV guide? Need help from everyone here to figure out which of the 1000+ workshops get streamed.

Indigenous Peoples' Working Group (IPWG) Heather - Common Counsel funds will cover Indigenous folks. Trying to cover local events - Healing Walk on the 26th going to sacred site in city. Have asked folks to come do a water ceremony - same as ATL. Want to do an Ind folks welcome. Want to do cultural exhibitions and dances. CC funds is a selct block of money. One budget/practical concern - may not cover folks from AK. $800 is ticket only, not hotel, etc. So trying to figure out where can get some more money. Bolivian ambassador is coming. John Trudeau. Want to make better effort this year to have good performers. Was missing link in ATL. Want to showcase what we can do. If we find more money for travel - will need more solidarity housing.

AMB - check in re HIll Snowden re funding.

Language Access WG Review a list- we have a lang. access break out group at npc meeting. Need to work with AV and translation equipment. We need to map out where we are going to assign interpretors. PMA's- we had committed the overall language access on NPC programming and 10 % of workshops. We need to identify which PMA's we are going to cover. We have a team of 20 interpretors and that is not enough. We need to have conversartion with comms- on the website. And need to prioritize what gets traslated. Local interpretors- needing to tap into that.

Logistics WG - nothing to add currently

Outreach We have 1400 org registered without vetting duplicates. 65% are registered at $40. We are asking NPC to look at the organizations can they give at $125 rate. We have 6,700 people. We need to have full delegation is registered. We need to fill the gaps.

Jerome: People who have paid at $40 are not going to pay more. Last time had no money - word on street now is that we have money.

Sylvia - emphasis on getting folks to bump up registration. Honor system - how fits with strategy to go after folks to bump up. As opposed reaching out and getting folks that arent yet registered. Wondering about startegy choice.

Mary - not gonna get more from folks. Empahsize what Sylvia said bout a bunch of new orgs.

Ruben - last time more foundation money for folks to come. Many coming driving not flying so spending lots of that money to get here. Last time asked for $5K upfont for NPC membership. Getting to Detroit gonna cost us.

Cindy - to be clear re strategy. There are major gaps in country and filling those gaps is priority. Trying to buidl bridge between real number and what we are hoping to have. Some orgs on list have budgets of over $100K. So want to attempt to self-fund. If criticizing NPIC and feed the roots, this is part of it. There are 6 levels to add folks but ask them will you fund a a little higher level.

Sha - also agree about emphasis. Sent thanks for early registrants for helping out, and made second ask. Had bout 15 ppl respond. The message is not "you're horrible for not giving enough" but "thanks for helping. if you can give more would be appreciated"

Rose - there was amoment to capture who all registered from orgs? Yes.

Sylvia - what is 17K number?

Sha - in dB everyone has ID number that start at 9000. so ID number does not reflect registered.

People's Movement Assembly- We have 50 PMA's, one in every track. We need to talk with language access coordination. We are going to have a team of folks doing video and documentation of the PMA's. We need to talk- to logistics on AV needs at Cobo.

We need NPC-DLOC members to be part of the synthesis commission. We are asking for 1 rep from each assembly.

The NPC doesn't make poltical positions. And making statements on what is happening in Detroit.

There are still PMA's happening pre- USSF. In the Gulf Coast, Eco Terrorism, in Arizona on May 30. We are trying to collect all that data and synthesis of all the PMA's happened prior to the forum, and we need to integrate the PMA's that happen in the week of the forum. We need an objective document- representative of whole poltical spectrum.

Ruben - process of connect PMA. There are still some ahppening before forum. MN on June 5, another one in Gul Coast -EcoTerrorism. AZ on May 30. Want open spaces for public declarations. Want to be as inclusive as possible. Have a post-USSF proposal to NPC about what it looks like in terms of national agenda and days of action. Have solidarity interpreting, need equipment.

Steph - bcz of lot of folks have been involved in this process, folks will be getting info, templates, etc.

Ruben - some PMAs may have thousands of folks. So need list of orgs participating in PMAs cuz those are the bldg blocks for the post forum work. Getting list of key orgs to build collective body of coord across the country. Looking at the space for the National PMA - how to set folks up (seating). Maybe by states - works better than region, thematic areas. Plus will give visual map of level of grassroots energy - visual of power base.

Genaro - as part of caravan setting up assemblies in different cities en route.

Poverty WG Marian - got a lot folks coming cant hear. Not on calls but have been working. Projecting 62 groups that want to participate. Over 100 wksps re poverty. Coming out with an assembly of orgs working together to build a movement. Buidling leadership and providing them with a pol ed. Also want to tackle the crisis with TANF program. Will have two poverty summits - one first and last day.

Been working with a caravan that is coming from the Delta. Technology - how do we connect the folks that cant get here. How do we get Skype to those areas. New Orleans trying to bring two busloads of folks. Bringing 1000+ folks costs $400K at $200/person. Then narrowed to 730 ppl. So maybe that is doable. Have asked folks in the communities to help by doing fundraising for their communities.

Maureen - hope we can figure out the money in next 2.5 days. need to hit the churches - they got money. $42 from 5K churches will get it done.

Program Subgroup Walda - should have gotten summary of workshop. Think the diversity of workshops is the broadest expression of where the movement is. 1060 wksp. 119 - hours. 48 PMAs (part of 1060).

The hardest part was to respond to people who tried to get workshops in late. We need to respect that WE are all doing this work and respect the processes we have.

Honor IFE!! Kiran and Ife really held this work of dropping the workshops into actual rooms. Did our best to honor people's requests. We want NPC and OC to be the ambassadors of conveying that this is the best, this will work. Be on our team!

All venues are within 1 mile of Cobo Hall. Cobo has about half the workshops and the others are scattered.

Need help from spreadsheet wizards to sort this out and get it into the printed program.

Online program will be up in about 10 days, Ross has it.

We sent out an email to everyone that submitted a workshop telling they were accepted. We accepted all workshops, there was one withdrawn and that's it.

Culture Subgroup Description

Oya: entertainment at opening ceremony and march, Hart Plaza at amphitheater stage and all kinds of artistic projects. Supporting PMA's, possibly incorporating into workshops. Working with orgs all over the world. Artists think we have money for them to come, we are not bling-blinging like they think we are. They want everything right now and that can't happen. So we're working thru this process. Making sure LGBTQQI, indigenous, working to ensure everyone is represented.

John Tredell, Dead Prez, Sunny Coterson, Xclan, we have great folks who are participating. We still need more clarity about where our money is at, what we have and don't have. It is delaying the process in serious ways in terms of paying for stage, etc.

Resource Mobilization Working Group

Information call on Tuesday is the last pitch we can make to funders. Looking for gaps to present in that space. Millie Buchanan from JS Noyes Foundation will be facilitating.

Since 2008 we've raised about $800,000 from foundations.

There will be a Funder Movement assembly at the forum -- there are many funders who are coming together to support the process so they'll

In 2007 we raised $491,000 from foundations In 2010 we raised $748,000 from foundations.

These funders have made it happen.

Youth WG

Jardyn: Biggest need is working out housing. Young people with youth delegations is one thing, there are also youth who are trying to make it on their own. Also need more clarity on transportation.

In the youth space there will be workshop programming and cultural events. Not in conflict with the rest of the events going on. For example, there are different tracks for the youth space based on calls and conversations in working group calls. Detroit, education, jobs, health, criminalization of youth, environmental justice. This is youth-to-youth. We are reaching out to specific people to plug in there.


Additional bodies:

Disability Justice they'll be here tomorrow.

Documentation and Evaluation Trying to figure out how to evaluate our work, we have a wiki space: it's under People's University of the USSF on the wiki, and there is a survey there we want people to fill out.

We also have an observation protocol for students that are coming. We're going to sample all the tracks so we can get a sense of what is happening during the workshops. Please take a look at that form and let Jackie Smith know if you have any feedback about it.

There is also an overall plan posted on the wiki.

On sunday we'll be presenting more about the evaluation tools we'll be using but want folks to give us feedback, think about ideas you've got.

Need to talk about how evaluation of culture events and PMA's will go -- that is also included.

Sustainability and Working Groups Diana - want to make a no bottled water event. How to make it happen? Getting big containers to hold water, asking folks to bring their own, and press around it. Need teams to help with recycling - wiil have a recyclown. With work pjcts - have 25 projects as of now

We have hundreds of volunteers that are signed up now. We'd like to put in the times for the projects into the program if possible.

We also have wish lists

Child care and Children's Social Forum have sent needs. We need help to reach out to businesses to support, and may also need interpretation for children's events.

Preparation for NPC Meeting

We're going to walk through the agenda for the next three days. We had an agenda development team of 6 people. Then facilitation team met yesterday: Rose, Akuda, AMB, Will, Diana. This is not closed -- you can still join. AMB is exhausted - help hold this.


  • Welcome, introductions, review Binder (updates, reports, contacts, etc.)
  • Detroit Report, from Now until the Forum what are the needs? Then what are needs at 5 days of the Forum. What are political goals out of Detroit--what needs to happen.
  • NPC response to Detroit Report, and then plug ourselves as NPC organizations into helping meet the needs that exist. Where you plug in now will relate to the role you play during the Forum. What do we know about lodging, food, etc.
  • Concurrent Sessions: larger bodies who need to meet with each other
 - Registration: now until forum; at the forum.  How many computers do we need?  Language? Tables?
 - Language Justice: program, culture, others can come get 1-on-1 time with Roberto
 - Evaluation and Documentation: 
 ** if you need to have another conversation to prepare for saturday, this is the time.
  • Youth event: we'll all feel young by the end!

Saturday: 10am-7pm

  • Starting at 10am 3 hours: 5-day walk through, from Tuesday morning 8am when registration opens, walking through every single aspect of the 5 days. Working on the actual order of when this will happen. This is everyone: program, logistics, people's media center, youth space, registration, plenaries, etc. We need to centralize information about what is in the works.
  - we'll be pulling out gaps, questions, etc. 
  • Afternoon: we'll look at Worst Case Scenarios... facilitation team will figure out whether there are 3 main issues or 20 that we need to work out.
    • at same time: Detroit PMA will be happening, but Oya will be here as official DLOC rep
  • 5pm: Political Intentions. From Plenaries to Potties, are we in line with our political intentions? We'll need to take input on every piece -- we need to make sure that any disagreements we have are ones we can walk with. We need to be solution oriented and work this out.

Dinner at Los Planos, hosted by Centro Obrero and community members

Sunday: 10am-5pm

  • Outreach endgame: we have 6,000 and we want more, how to we reach and exceed our numbers
  • Roles and Responsibilities: get clarity on what our roles are.
  • Contiuation conversation: How we answer "what's after the forum?" when is the meeting where we debrief, are we going to Dakar, what happens after this.

We are going until 5pm on Sunday and we need everyone here!

If anything comes up, please talk with facilitation folks. We can fit small things in, 10 minutes here and there, not hours. Best place to fit in is the walk through.

Break for lunch until 1:30.

Housing: we made a commitment to subsidize apartments for staff. Look out the windows and you can see the apartment building, it's affordable, they're working with us. At the same building tehre are another 5 available... wanted to let OC and NPC know. It's $500 a month, or for $250 for a couple of weeks. Includes utilities. They are unfurnished but we are working to get a few twin beds and table & chairs. Want to let folks know so that you don't have to rely on personal solidarity housing. If you are interested and need a place a bit longer term, work with each other 2-3 folks per apartment. We need to be out by July so they can work with students who need university housing. Check in with Victor if you need us to save you.

When should the OC be here? It depends on when you need to be here to make sure your working group stuff will go forward. You figure out when you arrive, we'll talk more this afternoon.