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Organizations will be allowed to submit 2 workshops.

We affirmed a commitment to paying staff through June, and paying coordinators and Victor through August.

We prioritized our budget so that if we get more funding, or not enough funding, we will prioritize:

- top level priorities: logistics stipends and organizing strategies - second level priorities: language access and communications - additional priorities: program and culture travel and lodging expenses, post USSF expenses including evaluation, merchandise, housing for volunteers and advance team, disability access, security

We affirmed that we will set the criteria for the Common Council solidarity fund.

We decided that Centro Obrero would be the printer for all official textiles for the USSF [t-shirts, bags, etc]

We updated budget to include projects on the table, and set that we will not be taking on additional external proposals or expenses.

The outreach staff and folks [B, Akudo, Jardyn, etc] all confirmed that they can come often and earlier.

The website content will now be managed by Comms [as opposed to ICT].

We affirmed an internal conflict resolution process.

We had a deep conversation on how things are going in Detroit. Afterwords, the summary included:


- be mindful of who is hosting
- can you have 1-2 folks on security from each NPC org
- start these meetings with a listening session from detroit
- continue to prioritize and commit to creating an infrastructure in the D
- NPC identity crisis
- resolve the role of NPC
- stretching ourselves and resources
- 1-800 number can go elsewhere
- be mindful of not undermining leadership
- pull out more lessons from 07
- for hosts and anchors there is a weight that feels very heavy to produce and perform, expectations of us, with assumptions that we can't handle it.
- detroit is trying to help pull this together, while dealing with real conditions on the ground.
- when we come face-to-face that we stay the entirety of the time. need to make a commitment to be here, be present, and stay until the end if we want to take on the responsibility of collective decisions.
- where can we re-ground ourselves in what we are trying to build. - accountability: who is holding folks accountable to BE here and show up?
- how do we manage the $$ part? we have more resources this time than we did in 07, and yet we're struggling. this is not a $-raising body, but how do we hold ourselves acct to the processes we set out. we need to be mindful of the implications when we make changes.
- make suggestions and decisions, stop complaining. talking about what we WANT instead of just what we don't want is hard
-even in our work.