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We will post the notes here as we go for the OC face-to-face meeting in Detroit, March 26-28.


Jamie, ICT
Alfredo Lopez, ICT
Tammy Bang Luu, Outreach
Louis Head, International Solidarity
Sandra, Youth
Tapeka Dixon, Logistics
Maureen Taylor, Logistics
Rocio Valerio, International, EMEAC, Centro Obrero
Cindy Wiesner, Outreach, International Solidarity
Alicia Garza, Program and Culture
Adrienne Maree Brown, National Coordinator
George, Documentation/Eval
Nora Dye, Gender Justice
Mayowa, Gender Justice
Corina MacCarthy-Fadel, Youth
Jardyn, Youth
Sha Grogan-Brown, Resource Mob (Development coordinator
B Loewe, Outreach/Field
Akudo, Outreach/Field
Kiran, Program and Culture
Ahmina Maxey, Outreach
Cheri Honkala, Poverty
Quintin, Disability Justice
Anne Grimmett, Outreach
Gwen Gaines, Poverty, PMA, Logistics
Fred Vitale, PMA
Josue Guillen, Language Access
Oya Amakisi, Culture
Michael Guerrero, Resource Mob
Will Copeland, Detroit Coordinator, Health Healing and EJ
Adele Nieves, Communications
Gillian (sp?), Communications
Jackie Smith, Communications
David Marquez, Communications
Mallory Knodel, ICT, Tech Coordinator, International Solidarity
Steph Guilloud, PMA
Jen Cox, International Solidarity, Poverty
Sylvia Orduno, National Coordinator
Heather Milton-Lightening, Indigenous
Reg McGhee, SE Mich JWJ
Mark Randazzo, Resource Mob
Marian Kramer, Poverty
Jerome Scott, Program and Culture
Walda Katz, Program and Culture
Rishi Awatramani - Leftist Lounge
Carlton Turner - Alternate Roots - Culture
Roberto Tijerina, Language Access
Rose Brewer, Gender Justice


Notes day 1 - 3/26:
Notes day 2 - 3/27:
Notes day 3 - 3/28:
Decisions and Outcomes: