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To ensure that the work of the OC is carried out, it is essential that all representatives understand their responsibilities and are able and willing to commit and be accountable to their respective working groups.

Individual accountability by working group representatives to the OC includes:

  • Bringing working group items/issues/updates to the OC meetings.
  • Gathering working group feedback for the OC agenda creation process.
  • Ensuring that working group representatives regularly inform and update their working groups on what is happening in the OC.
  • Posting working group reports on the wiki in advance of OC meetings.
  • Reading other working group and OC committee reports ahead of meetings.
  • Including working group subcommittee highlights in reports.
  • Self-evaluating and self-reflecting on each representative’s responsibilities and duties, i.e., be consistent, don’t require others to track you.
  • Making sure working group main representative or alternate is present at all meetings for maximum participation at face-to-face meetings and on conference calls.
  • Communicating regularly (including telephone) with other OC members, as needed.