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Organizing Committee conference call


Working Groups:

- id any additional reps who need to come to OC meeting
- get reports up on the wiki
- send any budget needs for the next few months to Finance Team ASAP

DLOC please send # of observers

On Call by WGs
COMM: Adele, Scott, Sylvia
Gender Justice: Rose
ICT: Alfredo
Lang. Access: Maria
Logistics: Maureen, Tapeka
International: Louis
Outreach: Cindy
PMA: Steph
Program/Culture: Jerome, Alicia, Oya
Resource: Michael
Youth: Jardyn
DLOC: Fred, Oya
Personnel: Diana
Staff: B, Adrienne Maree, Sylvia, Will, Sha, Tapeka, Maureen, Adele, Roberto, Jardyn
Anchors: MWRO (Maureen), EMEAC (Diana)
  • Welcome and roll call (Steph)
(a) Special welcome to new staff: Heather Milton-Lightening (Indigenous Field Rep), Jardyn Lake (Youth Coordinator); plus Fred Vitale, DLOC At-Large Rep (along with Oya)
  • Update/feedback--Linking social media tools on USSF website (Sylvia)
(a) Summary of ICT-MayFirst, Communication-Media, and Outreach working groups perspectives and needs (Alfredo, Cindy, Adele).
(b) Moving towards consensus -- will this require an OC or NPC vote?
(c) Revisiting the USSF Technology Principles -- short-term solution?
(d) Drafting a data collection-technology use policy -- long term solution?
  • Establishing conflict resolution practices (Adrienne)
  • Update/feedback--OC face-to-face March mtg in Detroit (Sylvia)
(a) Request/decision: Can funders group join OC meeting in Detroit? (Michael)
(b) Reminder: ALL OC reps please register at
(c) Solidarity housing
(d) Please be prepared to do some walking for a sites mapping tour. Any special needs?
  • OC reps prep work for face-to-face mtg -- everyone agree to do? (Steph)
(a) Please review working group reports so you know what others are doing and can be prepared to ask for specific help or feedback on your work!
(b) Please complete the NPC political conversations survey for your organization. We will use this information to

make decision on some of our work in Detroit. Go to:

(c) Please discuss with your working groups their logistical and political needs in order to move forward with

planning and organizing in the final 3 months before the USSF.

  • Update/Feedback--What are your specific questions for the DLOC Logistics Committee and/or Logistics WG? (Maureen/Tapeka)
(a) Please ask these in your working group reports! We'll try to get answers or timelines asap.
(b) DLOC logistics and Logistics WG reps mtg in Detroit this week
  • Update--Cash flow report (Steph)

(a) Budget proposal process

  • Update/Feedback--Materials distribution plan (see attached draft)
  • Feedback--What are the long term housing needs for OC/NPC/volunteers in Detroit?


Proposal to put on USSF website online tools for Outreach - Facebook, Twitter, etc. Concerns raised about politics of using these tools. At an impasse. Some working groups were asked for feedback: Comms, Outreach...

Report from Comms:

  • Trying to develop USSF presence through a number of different platforms, using mainstream and open source methods while adhering to USSF principles. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are where we will find much of our audience. We can't just reach folks through the website.
  • There is confusion around ICT principles and who makes these decisions.
  • ICT would prefer not to use these tools and Comms agrees, but we need to use them.

Report from ICT:

  • Proposal was made to place links on a specific page on the website. ICT feels this should go to NPC for approval.
  • ICT position is that primary objective is to protect free and open source software.
  • Should be NPC to make decision because it is a policy issue.

Report from Outreach

  • David M made proposal - bridge between Comm,Outreach and ICT
  • Only 14 workshops registered. Only 8 people on information calls. 150 people responded to Facebook notice about calls. Big difference.
  • Concerned that next NPC call is 2 weeks away. We need to move soon.
  • Most of info people are looking for on information calls are responses to technical questions.
Comms and ICT are coming together to put together proposals. We will do an online vote.

OC passed proposal in the fall for data collection
Two remaining questions: Who has access to database and how is it used?
Team to work on proposal: Mallory, Sylvia, Steph

- This is for any conflicts that come up between now and June.
- As you can tell, some tensions are coming up around the process. What does a conflict resolution look like?
- Is anyone interested in being part of a team that develops processes?
- What are key questions that need to be answered?
- Can people on personnel propose something that may be appropriate?
- Who is interested in having the conversation with Adrienne? Diana Copeland, Adele Nieves, Alicia, Oya

- Can funders be there as observers? Funder movement process: They would only be there for when they OC says it's appropriate. There were no disagreements.
- Mark Randazzo (FNTG) , Millie Buchanan (Jessie Smith Noyes), Sarah Christiansen (Solidago), Jeff Furman (Ben and Jerry's)

- Register with your plane info as soon as possible
- Hotel rooms will be $69/day
- Solidarity housing will not come with a guarantee of transportation support. Need to know by the end of the week so Rocio/Elena can ID people.
- Survey results awaiting from NPC--22 responses of 42 so far. Probably larger convos in AM and work mtgs in afternoon.
- In terms of additional NPC attendees, Sylvia has reached out to each working group about folks who needed to come. So far 5 additional people have been identified.

(Sylvia: needs to follow up with Louis on International, and Gender Justice)

- Do want some sense of size of the meeting. We have additional attendees from working groups, funders, DLOC observers and Working GRoups id any additional reps who need to come, and DLOC please send # of observers

- Comms/Media: overview of work done, and propose areas where we'd like info from the other WGs. re-intro the strategy plan/narrative, show where folks can plug in. Also, people's media center proposal [w/ICT] which will cost money
- Gender Justice: logistics/programming around bathrooms, security
- Indigenous not on call
- ICT: Website training! DEX [oya - need guidelines] The People's Media Center
- Culture: proposal from folks wanting to stretch current guidelines...[she'll bring new language] - need guidelines
- Language Access: will need to process some stuff on technology on-site. Also an updated budget.
- Logistics: there's a push to get folks here, we're dealing with everything we have been asked to do
- Outreach: updates on numbers, mapping; comprehensive outreach strategy for last 3 month push
- PMA: proposal for national assembly - vision/needs
- Poverty: route and dates are online for Delta March, need info on caravans, places to meet up and network and fundraise along the route.
- Program: will discuss tonight!
- Resource Mob: (came up for finance team: continuity of funding relationships); news on solidarity front re Solidago may need a decision at end of the month
- Youth: youth space proposal [been talking about on national calls]
- Anchor orgs: Opening March/Ceremony/1st day of Forum; Work Projects
- DLOC? nothing yet
- International Solidarity: finalize a proposal for day 3 (?), integration on intl participants into workshops [could include potential for inclusion in work projects]
- Finance: some updates on budget
- Updates from Program Design Team, Printed/Online, Plenary
- Staff: convos around pay and cash flow, priorities
Invite folks to tell us everything they need NOW.

Also, bringing WG expenses (beyond staffing) to the Finance Team - send the numbers in so it can be compared against the core budget.

We really need working groups to put the reports on the wiki!

This OC has budget built in for two reps per working group.

Maureen - $300 for me can go to whoever else needs it!

- Got $120K from ATL to DTW, then $120K from surdna to praxis, should address money slow down
- Finance Team going to put forth a proposal that a small team develop how to distribute budget for caravans, work projects, PMAs, etc. May include solidarity fund as well. Will bring a proposal.
- Will be end of this week that $$ is in the account.

- Sylvia sent out a proposal about getting materials printed and distributed. Have been going to Detroit then turned around - we need materials in folks' hands for outreach. We have a budget, we need consensus on moving forward. Folks (Gwen) have stepped up to help on getting shipments out. Around that is knowing how much to order, and when/how to send.
- Looking at $12K. [this is with folks getting exactly what they ask for?] - this is 80K in english, 20K in spanish, and more later on. This fee includes shipping from printers to D, but not shipping from D to other locations. Additional needs could push this up...with reshipment of materials from Detroit, youth needs, etc - could be up to $15K.
- Perhaps ask folks to reimburse shipping costs for materials.
- Perhaps asking folks to pull down designs off the website and print what they need.


- may need to spread the printing piece out. [maureen went to new detroit and they are willing to print whatever she asks for a while]
- have folks pick up cards and carry home from OC meeting
- we need materials on the ground NOW for outreach to do our job.
- if its cool with design action to have folks print their own cards, great
- don't send folks whatever they ask for, send to orgs and ppl doing events
- ask people to pay, at least for shipping

any major concerns with the proposal? no, approved.