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Summary: Important Dates & Action Steps

Important Dates:

  • April 27: B or Sha- make sure Early Registration date is taken out of next e-blast. We'll be doing a silent announcement of the extension.
  • April 28: Maureen should have maps/grids ready for Program Team & Workshop mapping.
  • April 30: Reps from each WG need to fill out AV requests form that Adrienne is putting out.
  • April 30: Common Counsel travel scholarship deadline.
  • May 2: Next Logistics call
  • May 3: Deadline for Program Book requests from working groups. Send to Adele.
  • May 6: We need to get vendor activity settled by around here. Maureen Sylvia please get vendor info to David for website.
  • May 6: E-blast around this time will push for May 21 earlybird registration deadline.
  • May 12: Deadline for Translation of Workshops
  • May 15: Suggestion Deadline for Payment for outstanding registrations who haven't paid. Info on this will go in email/social web blasts.
  • May 21: New deadline for Earlybird Registration

A few noted needs:

  • Maureen: talking to Peeople Mover & Canada/Customs folks about bikers coming through.
  • Lang Access needs translation requests to be integrated into Registration system.
  • Gender Justice: Follow up with Logistics about Canopies & Gender-Neutral bathroom details.
  • Budgets: Please submit budget requests through reimbursement forms or check requests forms (that Victor sent out). Also, please has out detailed & specific budgetary requests with Steph.

On call: Scott (Comm), Walda (Program), Mark L (ICT), Oya (Culture), Rose (GJ), Jerome (Program/Culture), Diana (EMEAC), David (Comm), Steph (PMA), Michael (Res Mob), Reg (SE MI JWJ), Cindy (Outreach)

Staff: Roberto, Sylvia, Jardyn, Adrienne, Sha, Akudo, Jardyn, Maureen, Tapeka, Will

Update: Printed Program

Deadline for content from Working groups is May 3 (this is for the sections/pages before the list of workshops, events). Reminder email was sent by Adele today--If you cannot produce the content by May 3 please find someone else to represent your working group.

May 12 is still deadline for translations of workshops.

We're taking this call to a new phone line! Please join us here:

    • 218-339-4300 pin: 861413#

AV (Audio Visual) Space Survey:

Adrienne: Working Groups & Team representatives need to fill out the survey Adrienne is going to send out for AV needs. Due by this Friday please so logistics & program design team can coordinate for their next meeting. Survey will include questions around AV, Access, & Water, among other things.

Oya (Program/Culture): Put in stage & AV needs months ago, but budget & confirmations on those have been moving slowly, still in negotiations. Not clear on what resources available at this point.

Oya and Sylvia: logistics and needs for av stuff and stages across the 5 spaces. Want to make sure people/groups/orgs have what they need. For example, in the village area, do we need to procure a large tent? And who will provide resources/AV for some of these large self-organized spaces/tents. Do we? Do groups?


Sha: A number of organizations have registered & submitted workshops who haven't submitted checks. Do we have a cutoff date? Are there exceptions? There is some concern about the folks who have submitted workshops without paying registration. Suggested deadline for payment- around May 15th since Program is going up around the 20th.

Walda: Badges could be offered as a way to encourage folks to get money in- to suggest that USSF badges will be issued to those who are fully registered and they're needed to get around the USSF

Maureen: Suggests we sent out a message saying folks who are fully registered will be incorporated in the program, and others who haven't paid need to pay immediately. We're going ahead in good faith with workshop culling and we'll have to remind folks constantly to pay.

No mechanism right now for knowing which orgs have paid and which have not--matching the lists will be a lot of work. So email blast to orgs will clarify the need to pay

Mark L. mechanism not in place for orgs to pay if already registered... should be ready next week--then can send out email.


Maureen: With about 1000 workshops that came in, we may need to pick up more rooms for workshop space.


Maureen: Continues to be a challenge. MWRO office is getting continued requests through email for higher maintenence housing needs.

We don't have all of solidarity housing needs required, but is confident that we'll be in better shape. Estimated Need was about 1,500 spaces, have about 900 requests so far?

Churches: What's the deal with churches crash space? We have to communicate it carefully- but it's framed through the 'solidarity housing' requests.

Children's Social Forum

Maureen: We have staked out some rooms in looking at the open spaces, and is going to propose some spaces to Program committee about space reccommendations for Children's Social forum, Media & other spaces.

Tapeka & Maureen visited Vista Nuevas (Wayne County Community College - secure chilldcare area 4 blocks from Cobo) to discuss some childcare support questions. Space can hold up to 54 3-5year olds. Need to determine fee structure

At Cobo Hall we have people to do 6-12 years old childcare and someone to do 2 and under.

A school teacher is offering to get 200 youth volunteers to help with childcare support.


Maureen: Still need to have conversation with People Mover (local transpo) company to discuss a flat rate for USSF attendees. Still must discuss with Dept. of Transpo to negotiate/ask around some discount issues.

Bicyclists: Folks coming through Canada have had some issues (passport questions), just found out you can't ride a bike from Canada to US. We must talk with Ambassador/Customs around biking- there may be leeway there. (150ish bikers here)

Update on Grid Map & Workshops Planning

By Wednesday Maureen should have Grids to map out workshops. We're all confirming that workshops submissions is officially closed. No one is able to submit through the workshop, though many are calling into the USSF office today about it.

Maureen & Topeka have Detroit maps. Says organizations are requesting that their organizations be listed on program maps?

Language Access

Lang Access is requesting that workshops that are requesting translation be centralized in Cobo & Hart Plaza so interpreters can be centralized.

Requested from ICT about addition to Registration (and workshop registration previously) online form about Lang Access service requests. Still wondering how we will harvest all this information about Lang Access requests- need to send Lang Access requests to Program team. In general we could use a streamlining of this process.

Gender Justice

Process to get a canopy, and gender and gender non-conformity.

Gender Neutral/Non-conforming Bathroom needs At COBO Hall- 'family changing' rooms can be gender non-conforming bathrooms. At Hard Plaza they have men/woman bathrooms, and Logisitcs has decided to make porta-johns as gender neutral bathrooms at Hart Plaza (outdoor), though we recognize all kinds of folks may be trying to use these.

At USSF Village & the 2 large housing sites we'll also be putting up signs on bathrooms for gender non-conforming/neutral bathrooms.

Next Logistics Call

(for specifics of many of these questions) Next logistics/program design call: Sunday 4 pm EST (reminder by tomorrow)--a rep from each working group should join us for detailed discussions on the 5 days

Need a Canopy/Tent?

Contact Mr. Kemp... 

(here on the website: . Mr Kemp is trying to request registration number to help make sure it's registered folks who are requesting tents.


Sha; Can/should we do a sliding scale for vendors? Info going online soon. Here is a Radio PSA for Detroit call for vendors Comm put together: Last vendor activity is on May 6- we need to get in applications and logistics settled around then. Folks are also requesting information for having literature/organization tables.

Information tables will be $75 for the week--info on the website in the next few days.


We're not well-prepared with vision-impaired requests. It's becoming an issue- braille needs, etc. We need to be in a better place with these things.

Travel Funds

April 30 is deadline for Common Counsel deadline. 501c3 & fiscal sponsorship needed for this- how do include support folks who don't have that? Common Counsel has offered to accept applications from groups who don't have 501c3 or fiscal sponsor. They just need to fill out online application. (

Victor is going to help with this. Organizations, fiscal sponsor or not, will need to submit reports about how that money was used and successful. So yes, folks can apply.

Extension of Early Registration Deadline

Since we extended deadline for workshop submission should we extend early registration deadline (in consideration of folks doing outreach--would help sig.)?

There is wide support on the call to do an Earlybird Registration extension so we can use it as an outreach tool to get people to get it in.

May 21st- we'll send out a message 2 weeks previous about getting in registrations before the Registration Rate goes up.

Cindy/Sha: Not many people actually know about the Early registration deadline- we just extend it when the time comes and push the next deadline. Let's use the incentive- encourage the May 21st deadline as a time to get registrations in. Action step for B: For this email coming up tomorrow, we're going to take out the language about May 1st early deadline.


Sylvia: Please submit budget requests through reimbursement forms or check requests forms (that Victor sent out). There is a process- please follow because so many individual money requests are coming in.

Logistics related requests (especially AV) and detailed & specific budget requests really need to come through Stephanie.

Outstanding question: How do we handle these extra budget requests, how do we prioritize extra funds that may come up? Organizing & Logistics? Or now do we support some of the latest unexpected budgetary needs that have come up?

Examples of extra needed: Proposal for interpreters coming in.

End call