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OC conference call Monday, 5-10-10

Please call: 712-432-0075 Code: 388105#

On call (with WG): Jacqui Patterson, Gender Justice Scott, COMM Jackie Smith Sylvia, Will, DLOC Oya, Culture Adrienne, Diana, DLOC David M, COMM Michael, Resources Alicia, Program Adele, COMM Mallory, ICT Steph, PMA Jamie, ICT Jardyn, Youth Tapeka Reg, SE MI JWJ Mary Akudo, Jen Kiran

I think I missed some--can folks fill in the blanks...


  • Welcome and roll call - done
  • Documentation & Evaluation Committee proposal to OC -done
  • Logistics updates: vendoring, tabling, AV-staging, more (Maureen/Tapeka) - done
  • Program-workshop scheduling brigade update (Alicia) - done
  • Volunteers (Sylvia/Will) - done
  • Additional Funds for Language Access Proposal (Michael) - done
  • Common Counsel/GXF travel fund update (Sylvia/Jen) - done
  • OC-NPC 5/21-23 meeting update (Adrienne)-done
  • IST update on international travel fund application (Louis/Jen)
  • Printed Program (Adrienne/Adele)- done
  • Program & culture proposal: Creating a USSF pop ed data base through the Education for Liberation Network (Kiran)
  • Anything else?

Documentation & Evaluation Jackie: Proposal to allow documentation & evaluation committee to observe the OC & organizing process.

Sylvia, OC Never prioritized the team interaction with the OC; so now that we are trying to get things documented and have an evaluation process. Rep will be on calls and come to the face-to-face meeting. Move to consensus.

Program-workshop scheduling brigade update

Report online.

UPDATE ON SUBMISSIONS PROCESS: As of today, there are: -1000+ workshops -47 PMAs -124 four hour workshops -26 Detroit Highlighted workshops FYI: Detroit Highlighted is intended strictly for Detroit organizations; 26 on Tuesday (opening day) from 11a-1p; and Saturday from 10a-12pm

KEY ISSUES / THINGS TO KNOW IN THE PROCESS THUS FAR: 1. space: we figured we needed 140 rooms per workshop slot (three (3) two (2) hour workshop slots per day). what we really have is 100. key issues: soft vs. hard commitments. lots of the spaces that we thought we had were not signed into agreements. 2. assigning Cobo spaces to USSF functions: we were not able to honor requests for solidarity spaces outside of established working groups, due to space constraints. as a result, there are no solidarity spaces in Cobo Hall. 3. People can now search workshops by title and by organization; and when you click on your organization, the workshops that you submitted come up. (log in to organize site, go to program button, can search on the right hand side for organization [must submit name exactly as you are registered] 4. acceptance emails will go out within the week 5. we plan to send update to b. loewe by the end of the day today letting folks know about the new ability to search all workshops 6. one half of all workshops wanted the last day (Friday); many of Friday’s workshops are being put on Wednesday.

WHAT WE NEED FROM OC: -we are working hard to be attentive to workshop needs and the importance of accessibility, language, etc. and having the USSF functional space at Cobo as well. we are asking for generosity and acceptance. -if your organization hasn't registered and paid... [fill in the blank] -scheduling of the workshops will take a few weeks to get online; patience is a virtue.

Michael: potentially some rooms at the Westin.

Alicia: 99.95 of workshops have been accepted. Logistics & Scheduling details these will go out in the next email to folks, to best of the knowledge we've got.

Scott: We should add a note in the email to let folks know the process for letting USSF know if their workshop is going to be cancelled.

Note: we have to reiterate & harp on organizations to pay their registrations, especially those who have submitted workshop proposals.

Adrienne: Can we send out an email today to organizations to remind them to pay before we can offiically announce their workshops acceptances. Sha will send email and Alicia will draft the language.

Through the website an organization should be able to search and find out if they have paid their registration- is there a way to verify? To verify if a check has been received, call the USSF main office line. It doesn't appear that payment can be verified through the organizations list on the website. Through the website, it is possible for Individuals to verify how much they've paid- our messages should include this link with instructions on how to verify their registration & payment status.

  • Logistics updates: vendoring, tabling, AV-staging, more (Maureen/Tapeka)

MEETING SPACES - Right now, since we're lacking in meeting spaces, logistics is trying to confirm meeting rooms asap.

MARCH PERMIT - Originally March permit was denied, but after a pitch, a meeting is setup for tomorrow again with the city and Topeka is confident we'll get that permit.

VENDORS - Many many vendors have applied, but we're not going to be able to accomodate them all, so we'll have to decide which vendors to accept and where to place them. Right now we're operating on a 1st come 1st serve basis. - Food vendors do need some kind of food certification, but there will be a training at Hart Plaza on the first day of USSF- will get certification needed for this on the spot. - Tabling info for organizations is $25-$75, depending if their selling. All tabling will be at COBO hall. You get one table (8'x10') and 2 chairs.

SOLIDARITY HOUSING - We have met with Mr. Taylor. At end of this week, we'll have specific on apartment rentals, (about $15/day), and also flop spaces. We're putting together a general application for this. We need people/someone to help coordinate this apartment submissions/logistics info. - Churches. Topeka adds there is no confirmation on Church space for housing. Topeka is going to get back to Jardyn about this. Let everyone know!

HOTELS - We are pretty much out of hotel space downtown- they can't release anymore rooms because of other events going on in the D. Groups are having trouble adding rooms to their group. We've just secured more rooms at Motor City Casino, Doubletree in Dearbortn and the Hyatt. Possibly also in Winsor.

PEOPLE MOVER - People Mover gave us a pass - $5 for unlimied rides for the forum. They're setting up an e-store so folks can buy those passes online. They will also set up a station for us at COBO hall that will run during they days of the forum so folks can buy passes there. DDOT bussing system folks are going to get back to Topeka about discount rates on bus fare for USSF participants.

VANS - We have 40 vans which the Baptist ministers have loaned us and we're trying to secure more. these will serve us for shuttle & airport runs.

AUDIO VISUAL (A/V) - Hart Plaza needs: amiphitheater & local theater stage: Setup for both areas needed, Monday to Friday night (Saturdays will be dedicated to PMAs & Actions) - Two stages require setup, UAW & labor are being asked for support for this. We're waiting on budget to solidify really before being able to be set on these needs.

VOLUNTEERS Sylvia- final draft is online for national & local folks to let us know what kind of volunteer work they can do. we've listed activities that will be helpful. also listed are work projects in detroit that have called for volunteers. - we need to get volunteer call in next e-blast. we need to direct more folks to this form. we're still in need of a volunteer coordinator.

Sha- who do we let know to add to the volunteer tasks list- we will surely need merchandize selling volunteers. Adrienne is handling some requests. Let adrienne know what you need, how many people & for how long so we can plug in general volunteers there.

  • Common Counsel/GXF travel fund update (Sylvia/Jen)

Sylvia met with Larissa at Common Counsel. Reps from NPC & OC (Jen, Sarah & Danielle) will represent on Common Counsel regarding travel fund application acceptances. Almost 250 applications came in- will be reviewed accordinat go criteria & priorities already identified. About $40,000 is in the fund currently. We're looking for more funding. Meeting of this group will be May 19th in the evening. For groups not 501c3 will also be reviewed and sent to us and Victor- it's still possible for them to receive funding.

  • Additional Funds for Language Access Proposal

Michael - We're really missing funding for interpreters in the budget. We'd like to establish a fund with initial funding from the USSF core cost budget to help cover costs & work put in by interpreters. Then open it up to funders & other donors. Proposal is coming from both the Lang Access & Resource Mob WGs. Looking at least for $4,000.

Adrienne - let's check in with Finance group about how we can make this happen, together along with Resource Mobilzation WG.

Steph - thinks it's possible. We'll need to work on the process in the next few weeks to meet ends, let's check in with logistics on budget details. So OC is down with this politically, but NPC needs to review (as a second approval, board approval of sorts) and we'll move along with looking at financial viability.

No objections- consensus reached to move forward with this proposal.

  • OC-NPC 5/21-23 meeting update

Adrienne: We need all OC folks to register for the meeting so we can setup logistics/hotel, etc. The OC meeting is going to be Friday morning (9-noonish), May 20. NPC meeting is noon friday and go until 5pm on Sunday.

8 specific requests have come in for agenda. Lots of positive feedback from last OC face-to-face. Agenda development team, facilitation team and logistics teams have all stepped up the next OC/NPC face-to-face.

Maybe staff will arrive and have a meeting Thursday- not set.

  • IST update on international travel fund application (Louis/Jen)

Jen (?): Folks from IST were at the Mexico Social Forum and met with various World Social Forum organizers and had a good chance to connect there. We've developed some criteria around bringing in folks internationally (Latin America, Africa, etc) but aren't clear about the process for travel funds for these folks- some confusion. IST has identified folks that would be strategic to bring in and their needs.

Sylvia: we need this list of folks being targeted as USSF is approaching asap so we can plan how to support their travel. IST is getting this list together ASAP. Sylvia & Adrienne will follow up with IST to see how we can support on this.

  • Printed Program (Adrienne/Adele)

Adele: Sent out request for Assignments for Printed Program, but did not have much response. Culture did get in their basic write up. Logistics has not come in yet, but some info will be sent over in the next day or two (adrienne). Adrienne will also send in Welcoming message. For others who have page assignments- please send them in by the end of this week! So workshops can be dropped in and we can send them to print.

  • Program & culture Proposal: Creating a USSF pop ed data base through the Education for Liberation Network

Kiran: EdLib is willing to allow workshop materials to be posted thru a link on their website. ICT can help share info on workshops. This can be another way for groups to support online work. ICT and EdLib's techies will connect on this. Do we post link to EdLib on our website/e-blast and encourage folks to submit their materials there? Or do we collect the info ourselves and then export it ou to the EdLib network database? Jamie from ICT offers that we can easily collect it on our website. (DavidM does tech for the EdLib network as well if we want to connect with him on it).