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As of November 2009, the Organizing Committee will take over the planning, coordination, and accountability work that as previously done by the Interim Coordination Team. This work includes
  • Developing a clear work plan for regular meetings.
  • Overseeing the collective work of working groups to identify goals, timelines and the completion of other organizing needs.
  • Providing feedback to working groups and committees on materials, tools, and propaganda for outreach, organizing and collaboration.
  • Ensuring that NPC goals, tasks, and assignments are carried out through the working groups and staff.
  • Creating a framework for political discussions that need to occur with the NPC.
  • Advising and assisting the OC subcommittees: International Solidarity Committee and Personnel Committee with plans, goals, and outcomes.
  • Reviewing the USSF budget and advising the NPC on expenditures and fundraising needs, including Tides fiscal administration and reports.
  • Reviewing funding requests from working groups and committees and for solidarity event sponsorship.
  • Making recommendations to the NPC for troubleshooting or problem solving internal and external USSF relations, including working groups, committees, staff, and NPC political uncertainties and challenges.
  • Assisting the C-Team with drafting the monthly agenda for the National Planning Committee conference calls to report on OC tasks and issues.
  • Working with the NPC face-to-face facilitation team to draft the meeting agenda.
  • Forwarding matters and concerns to the NPC that require broader input and consensus.
  • Receiving reports from and providing feedback to USSF staff on organizing and administrative efforts.
  • Developing a protocol to discuss and manage gaps in OC representatives participation and working group accountability in a manner that promotes solutions not blame.
  • Ensuring a quorem for all meetings with a majority of representatives present.
  • Working with the C-Team to incorporate new working groups that may emerge in the USSF process, including drafting a form/application.
  • Identifying emailed OC reports to the NPC with “OC Report” in the subject line.
Other tasks may include
  • Identifying and advising Detroit Local Organizing Committee (DLOC) organizing efforts that could be assisted by national networks, regional campaigns and/or organizations.
  • Developing a process to help better grow working group participation by national and local organizations and individuals.
  • Continuing to map the national organizing needs and gaps across the country to direct staff and NPC and staff outreach and recruitment efforts.