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  1. check-ins
  2. review tasks & timeline
  3. review attached draft submission forms info (thanks Kiran – looks good)
  4. feedback on Evaluation and Documentation Scoping Tool
  5. next call, reminder/agenda person, note taker, facilitator

things to think about

1. how do we enforce "To sponsor a proposal, your organization must be registered and paid."? (I'm assuming here that sponsoring organization is required) --Form validation that checks registration data? --The volunteer processing the proposal?

2. Do the collaborating Organizations have to be paid registrants?

3. How, if at all, do we link the organizations listed in the proposal (both main sponsor or collaborator) to the information entered when these organizations registered. If we make enforce linking, we wouldn't have to ask for any of the org details on the proposal, since we already have it from registration

4. Am i correct in assuming that the question about diversity of facilitators is somethign that can be updated by the proposal submitter? Because it seems that information could change.

5. What does the Programming Volunteer do to process a submission?

6. What types of filtering would have happen to allow certain sub groups of proposals to be looked at?

7. What different volunteer roles would be looking at groups of proposals?

8, What ways would the volunteers want to contact proposal submitters? Especially if they would want any sort of group communication?

9. What ways would we want proposal submitters to interact by themselves? Things like using a list serve, or blog, or some other sort of communication tool.

10. What ways would submitters interact with their proposal after they submit it? Especially if volunteers have concerns?