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Program Subgroup Meeting Notes



  • Mallory, New York, ICT WG
  • Jerome, Atlanta
  • Mark, New York
  • Jackie, Maryland
  • Walda Katz-Fishman, Maryland
  • kiran nigam, Chicago
  • Rose Brewer, Minneapolis
  • Roopa, New York



Submission forms
Timeline (Revised)

July – October

1. Participate in NPC development of overall program design for Cobo Hall, Hart Plaza, other venues (cultural programming, workshops, plenaries, opening march & closing, assemblies & peoples movement assembly process, open spaces, tents, other) from NPC July meeting 2. Recommendation to NPC: Set up NPC overarching Program Design team: includes reps from Program / Culture, PMA, Plenaries (if separate), Opening / Closing march / ceremony, Logistics, Tech, Outreach, International & whoever doing printed program 3. Possible consultations (with Outreach): to help determine “tracts” or themes for organizing program, build for participation, submission of self-organized proposals 4. In Detroit area work with Outreach to do local consultations & insure grounding in local communities – find out how they want to participate – encourage programmatic / cultural participation 5. Develop on-line submission form w/ Tech (needs vast improvements over 2007) by October 15th. Drop dead: Oct 30th. 6. Post on-line submission form on website & other outreach media by October 15th. Drop dead: Oct 30th.

November – January

1. Work on overarching programming / cultural spaces (needs detail @ / after NPC meeting) 2. Work on getting self-organized proposals in, especially solicit, joint proposals, bigger pieces 3. Work with Logistics on details of space 4. Work with PMA on PMA / assembly process of programming 5. Tents – how will they intersect with Program / Culture?


  • Sept 30th seems unreasonable to ICT folks. We can work on drafts. Better deadline: October 15th. Drop dead date: Oct 30th.
  • Everyone do a thought experiment on user experience: How would you want to interact with the website?
  • First draft of forms to ICT by Sept 14th.


How does the consulta process fit into what we’re doing?

  • The final tracks will be coming from the consulta process and feeding into our form.
  • Outreach and the PMA groups are being brought in; the process is being slowed down.

Walk-through of form:

  • The Arabic speaking population is large. Definitely check with Language Acces on the language piece.
  • Decision: Collaborating organizations need to be registered and paid as well.
  • Get NPC consensus on tracks, even if consulta process is not done.
  • Next step: Get printed program group going and then get feedback on program description word limit. This will go on our next agenda.
  • Other changes and additions were made to the forms: see the 2nd drafts (attached to the email)
  • Other thing to add: Detroit expanded. In workshop registration, allow people to check a box if you can commit to organizing in your home town. Then the committee could get in touch with them. Mallory will write a description and send to kiran so it can go in the form.
  • Add description of Detroit expanded to the call as well.
  • Registration and submission: We can embed a link (or two) to registration in the form

Next step: We will have a conference call with Mark from ICT to go over the questions he sent out. Time and date TBA via email.

Agenda items for call on Monday:

  • Where are the reps for program design and printing coming from and how can we get this group convened and going? This group will need a rep to ICT.
  • Consulta process: When can we expect feedback?
  • Is there another we can use to finalize those tracks?

Upcoming Calls

Next whole working group call: Mon, Sept 7th, 9pm EST

Next program sub-group call: Mon, Sept 14th, 9pm EST

Call in info for both calls:
Call-in Number: 712.432.9998.

Access Code: 841125 #

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