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Program Subgroup Report:

Work done & in process:

  • Workshop tracks completed and part of online workshop submission forms.
  • Workshop submission forms launched along with registration January 28th (public deadline for submissions March 20).
  • Work continues on backend (developing workshop tags, automatic acknowledgement of online submissions, etc). Includes ongoing work with ICT WG.
  • Developing guidelines and process for reviewers (will monitor and do preliminary reviews as submissions come in, communicate with submitters as needed, communicate decisions to submitters beginning in late March, April & May).
  • Will be active on Program Design Team and on 1st call Feb. 13.

Big question:

Question of # of submissions we get and # of workshop spaces per time slot (total of 9 time slots for 2-hr workshops) is huge for how this plays out. (See NPC notes from Albuquerque for 5-day walk through).) Requires immediate conversations with Logistics.

What we need:

  • Looking for in-depth conversation soon with PMA about their programming and scheduling pieces.
  • Looking for regular communication with Logistics WG.
  • Looking to get Printed/Online Program Team in place (is Communications WG taking a lead?)
  • To all WGs & committees: get the word out to get your workshop submissions in! Deadline March 20th.


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