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Program Call notes 1.11.10 below and attached. Thanks! --Flo


1. Check-ins 2. Report back from NPC /OC face-to-face in Albuquerque 3. Other 4. Next call, reminder/agenda person, note taker, facilitator

1. Check-ins


2. Report Backs: OC: (organizing cmte). Work body of the USSF process. One part of the USSF two part decision making body. ALQ first full OC meeting (reps of all working groups, main and alt) Oya reps culture, Alicia reps Program, Jerome alts. One day mtg. Most reps were there. Spent most time figuring out what is the work OC is responsible and how to do it.

Moved consulta process forward – looked at recommendations, proposal to have themes run throughout, heterosexism, ability, etc. Discussion of difference btwn WG and group of folks that want to work on something. Decided WG is more official body.

Decided in consultation with USSF staff that OC would be empowered to make final decision on track themes and just present it to NPC. Personnel cmte (Steph, Jerome, Diana) raised urgent need for more staff/staff hours. Proposal to bring on Roberto for language access. Proposal to bring on Indigenous organizer. NPC: (national planning cmte). Program had a two hour block of time. got a lot done, a lot clarified. Some things we asked for were approved, some pushed back, some still open items. Full notes on USSFwiki. Kiran will extract pertinent program section and send to full work group.

Task was to clarify/present: + 5 day walk through, + solution process, + plenaries, + things we asked for

Overall program - Program only responsible for self-organized workshops. Culture is responsible for self-organized pieces and larger performances (concerts, etc). Cultural also presented a piece on cultural inclusion. Starting to be team taking up more logistical stuff. Big question – we hear we 175 slots for workshops. We requested 300 slots. Needs follow up. A lot of pushback came with this piece. Why not accept everything submitted. Can the USSF pick and choose/micromanage? Talked about political importance of working together, working across issues.

Registration and online forms going up January 20, closing march 20. Push back on that - not enough time. Last time there was an internal extension. Do need to draft political framing of how themes intersect that can go on the website.

Kiran has emailed the face to face notes pertinent to Program work group.

Need to get back with PMA and logistics and talk about overarching themes.

Had talked before the meeting about teams for printed program and a few other things. Did convo happen about that?

Two teams got approved: Printed program and program design. Adrienne will move those teams forward. Design team will be drawn from a lot of different work groups. Walda will follow up with Adrienne about that.

We are a big workgroup with a heavy load but we need to identify a few folks that can be a part of these across working group teams. Other piece – really want partnership with logistics Plenary discussion – should we even have any? Decided we will have plenary but will come back with proposal on specifics. Unanimous to have them at night. Kiran will send out pertinent notes on this convo. Want plenaries to be more interactive.

In 2007 3-4 thousand ppl at plenaries. This time will be even more. We are going to need to be very creative. Was a creation of a plenary team.

Went through PMA exercise Movement in US has a lot of catch up to do to reach level of movements around the world. Would love to see notes on this discussion from NPC face to face. It was small group discussion. Each group should have taken notes and they should be up on wiki this week. How can this convo inform what we are doing as Program/Culture?

Consulta was first take at a process to help identify folks with where their work is. With this, question was much larger of political vision, strategy.

How do we organize to help facilitate deeper political dialogue? How do we have structured chaos? Challenge our comfort?

10 new orgs were approved at face to face.

Need to identify reviewers for proposal submissions. After that we will need to decide if we want to continue to meet via calls every other week (as program) or work online reviewing. Last time everyone on Program was a reviewer. Assume it will be the same this time.

Between January 20 – March 20 will be preliminary reviewing/preliminary thoughts but no final decisions until March 20

Next Meeting:

Program and Culture call 1/25/10 9pm EST Program Call 2/1/10 9pm EST

Facilitator: Jerome
Note Taker: Kiran
Agenda items?
-Political Overview of process
-Perhaps questions will come out :of NPC notes
-Should by then have info on cross-working group teams

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