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Program Subgroup Meeting 09.28.09

Notes taken by kiran


  • kiran nigam, Chicago
  • Jerome Scott, Atlanta
  • Leslie, Ithica, NY
  • Walda Katz-Fishman, DC Suburbs
  • Rose Brewer, Minneapolis
  • Michelle, Berkeley/Oakland


  • Intros/Check-ins
  • Update/check-up on consulta process
  • Update/check-up on online forms
  • Liaison to printed program, logistics, PMA
  • Program Program
  • NPC Meeting
  • G20 Reportback
  • Upcoming Calls:
o Next full Working Group Call: Mon, Oct 5th, 9pm EST
o Next Program Subgroup Call: Mon, Oct 12th, 9pm EST
Call in Number: 712.432.998
Access Code: 841125#

Consulta: Update, Restating Feedback to the Subgroup

  • Update:
o Got more representation, from Outreach, Culture, DLOC, Program, Communications. Notes just sent out on the list.
o Process is moving forward, will be online by Oct 15th. Will end by end of November, so that feedback can be compiled and online form will be up on Dec 15th, until March 15th (3 months)
o Trying to get language from PMA and relevant questions from all parties
o At international level this is done by the Methodology Committee
o There will be an explanation of the process at the top of the form
o Question: Is everyone who needs to be there represented?
               + Walda: It’s getting better. I think so. DLOC are more involved, have a better understanding of the purpose.
  • Feedback:
o Big thankyous
o We will take our notes from last time and drop them into the form format. We will include Michelle’s blurb for the Ecological Justice into our form.
o Tracks were developed by the subgroup, who looked at tracks from 2007, other Social Forums, etc. They came up with the tracks and the descriptions.
o The five day themes were developed at a breakout sessions at the NPC Meeting in Detroit, and were approved by the NPC at the end of the meeting in Detroit. These are in the notes from that day, on the ether pad. kiran will cut and paste those into our feedback form.
o For meeting next Monday: Talk about the 5 day themes. Get clarity on that. kiran will email notes from the NPC meeting out to the whole group for reference before that meeting.

Online Forms

o Where are we at getting a PMA form? Culture form?
o kiran and Rose will work with the PMA group on getting a form together with them.
o Leslie will work with the Culture sub-group on getting a form together.
o We will check with the culture folks next Monday about the Culture form.
o Missing: Cultural/artist submission form, PMA submission form, Intro to all the forms.
o The call for proposals: kiran will take a stab at that and send it out for feedback.
o Timeline:
+ Up online by December 15th.
+ Draft forms to ICT by October 30th. We will take that date to the NPC meeting.
+ Final draft call to proposals will go to ICT on Oct 30th.


  • PMA: kiran and Rose (will attend calls)
  • Logistics: Jerome will get in touch with Diane Feeley
  • Tech: kiran
  • Culture: Leslie

Printed Program

  • Will there be tabling/vendors? Would they like to advertise in the printed program?
o There will definitely be vendors. The area has been scoped out.
o Don’t know the answer to the second part. The vendors were not advertised in the program book in 2007. It just didn’t happen. Typically that doesn’t happen. A lot has to do with when vendors pay their money and get spaces.
  • For call next Monday:
o What are the things we need to walk away from the NPC meeting knowing?
+ Appointed group that is going to work on the printed program.
+ How will the space be used in Cobo Hall for vendors, groups selling things, etc?
o Discussion: Will vendors be in the printed program?
o Oct 30 deadline for draft of online forms
o Share our liaisons to Logistics, PMA, Culture
o Ecological track blurb (from Michelle)

NPC Meeting

  • Starts morning of Friday, 10/23 until Sunday, 10/25 at 1pm.
  • Location: Atlanta. Specific venue not yet decided. Will be sent out to the group when we have it.

G20 Reportback from Rose

  • Wednesday:
o Grassroots Global Justice Alliance arrived Wednesday, held a tribunal in a church, putting the G20 on trial. Had national and local testifiers, national discussions.
o People got tear gassed and arrested that night.
  • Thursday morning:
o Center for Latin American Studies brought international scholars to address alternatives, in the Latin America context, convergence of the countries that have moved left. Alternatives to what the G20 is proposing.
o Then a march, with as many police as their were marchers.
  • CC and Co-leads met
  • Membership assembly will be meeting, wanting a mini-summit.
  • The Social Forum was all over all the events!

Next full Working Group Call: Mon, Oct 5th, 9pm EST

Next Program Subgroup Call: Mon, Oct 12th, 9pm EST

Call in Info:

Access Code: 841125#

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