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The deadline for workshop & cultural submissions extended to April 20!

Program & Culture WG

Goals, Conference Call Agendas, Notes, and more

Program Subgroup Description

Program Subgroup will be working on the review process for self organized workshops submissions, actually doing the preliminary reviews, working with submitters and suggesting collaboration, if possible, starting in February. We will begin doing final reviews of all workshop proposals in March and sending out acceptance letters/emails in May. We are collaborating with logistics, language access, ICT and other working groups to match workshops with venues and develop the printed/online program.

Please contact Walda Katz-Fishman at 301.367.1079 or / Kiran Nigam

Culture Subgroup Description

The United States Social Forum 2010 has created performance and visual art showcase opportunities for those interested in volunteering to present their work. We are seeking artists who are interested in helping to build a movement and heal our communities through social justice and the arts.

The USSF 2010 will showcase art, culture and entertainment in ways that convey momentum and hope. The USSF 2010 shares a vision that challenges poverty, exploitation, oppression, militarism/war and environmental destruction-- locally, nationally and globally. Cultural expressions representing diverse communities include: performance art, visual art, and film at the Hart Plaza and Cobo Center in downtown Detroit.

Please contact Oya for more information at

Program and Culture Working Group Members

* Oya Amakisi: Detroit. Co-chair of Culture and Programming Committee, Detroit Women of Color, Inc, Hush House Black Community Exhibit and Leadership Training for Human Rights, Detroit Local Organizing Committee (Program and Culture Committee Co-Chair)
* Walda: Maryland. Washington, D.C. - Maryland, Co-chair of Culture and Programming Committee, League of Revolutionaries for a New America. Teaches at Howard University in DC. On NPC for 2007 USSF, was part of Project South at the time
* Rishi Awatramani: Washington, DC. Co-chair of Culture and Programming Committee, Virginia New Majority, Leftist Lounge
* Jerome Scott: Atlanta, Co-chair of Culture and Programming Committee, League of Revolutionaries for a New America.
* kiran nigam: Co-chair of Culture and Programming Committee, Ann Arbor/Chicago. US Solidarity Economy Network, North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO)
* Alicia Garza: San Francisco. POWER: People Organized to Win Employment Rights.
* Tamara: Harlem, New York. Women of Color United.
* Rose Brewer: Minneapolis. Afro Eco, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, University of Minnesota, Gender Justice and PMA Working Groups
* Bill Wylie-Kellermann: Detroit, Pastor, St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Faith and Spirituality Committee, Detroit Local Organizing Committee
*Roopa Singh, New York, cultural worker/scholar
*Carlton Turner, Alternate Roots,
*Mayowa Alero Obasaju: New Jersey, Gender Justice Working Group
*Jacqui Patterson, D.C.-Maryland, Gender Justice Working Group,,
*Amer Ahmed, Ann Arbor,, Hip Hop Congress
* Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan, Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project []
*LEbony Golden, North Carolina and New York, Alternate Roots
*Leslie Jones, Ithaca, New York, Green Guerrillas Youth Media Tech Collective
*Darryl Moch, Washington D.C., Labor Heritage Arts Exchange
*Decora, New York, ReadNex Poetry Squad
*Rosa Clemente, New York, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement
*Ilana (Invincible) Weaver, Detroit, Emergence, Detroit Summer/LAMP
*Adrienne Maree Brown, Detroit,, National Director

Conference Calls

Peace wonderful program & culture people,

Our next Program & Culture Working Group call:
Monday, March 8, 2010 @ 9pm ET / 8pm CT / 6pm PT
Call-in number 760.569.6000
Access 1050897 #
Next Program subgroup conference call:
Monday, March 15, 2010 @ @ 9pm ET / 8pm CT / 6pm PT
Call-in number: 760.569.6000
Access: 1050897 #
Next Culture subgroup conference call:
Wednesday, March 17, 2010 @ @ 6pm ET / 5pm CT / 3pm PT
Call-in number: 760.569.6000 or 313.429.0796
Access: 1050897 #


Two Workshop Proposal Form ~ Drafted August and September 2009

Proposal for the USSF 2010 Themes and Consulta Process ~ Drafted August and September 2009

NPC National Group Report July 2009, Detroit, Michigan ~ Approved Overall 5 Day Structure Design To The USSF 2010 Program

NPC National Group Report July 2009, Detroit, Michigan ~ USSF 2010 Program and Culture Working

Program and Culture Working Group Notes

Program Subgroup Notes

Culture Subgroup Notes

Hart Plaza Pics

Consulta Subgroup Notes

DLOC Culture Committee and Programming Committee