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Program and Culture Working Group

Notes 09.07.09



Report back from Women’s Working Group

  • Going well. Have solid comments on the consulta.

Report to NPC

  • Oya and Rose need a little bit more time.

Report for Budget/fundraising

  • Have a long list of potential funders: Astrea, Ben & Jerry’s, Gill, Spark Plug, Public Welfare Foundation, Resist, Ralph K. Morris, Third Wave, Tides, Threshold, Akonadi, John Merk Fund, Ms., Norman Foundation, AEPOCH, and more
  • Local: Allied Media Projects, Detroit Women of Color, 1440 Collective. DLOC Culture committee will be holding fundraisers throughout the year.
  • We are in the compilation stage
  • Next step: send our list to Resource Mobilization Working Group and ask for input on next steps, narrowing down, contacts, etc.
  • Jackie has a first hand relationship with some of the funders.
  • Next step: We distributed a form last time—memorandum of understanding to get national in-kind donations and resources. Get that for the Oct NPC meeting.

Consulta and track subgroup update, implications for proposal form

  • Communicate to NPC that we need tracks, time sensitive
  • Do consulta process with the NPC at Oct meeting so we can come out with some wording
  • We need to start sending feedback out, circulating. If you have feedback on tracks, send it to the program and culture list
  • We know there’s things we’ve already collected.
  • We need to identify a track point person in this working group

Program Form Updates

  • We have 2 draft forms
  • We met with tech and got feedback
  • Clarification of what Detroit Expended is:
         o Join in *Detroit Expanded (Dex)*, if you intend to participate in the expanded process of video/audio conferencing/streaming or collaboration through simultaneous activities in an effort to expand the events of the US Social Forum beyond Detroit. Commitment to an expanded event requires your organization to connect to, do outreach in and planning with the communities and organizations which will partner with you during your workshop. Visit for more information
         o Detroit Expanded intends to be a territory in Cobo Hall, in which all rooms will have internet access with projectors, computers, webcams, and microphones.
         o Two examples of a Detroit Expanded event:
               + Workshop held in organization's home city simultaneous, allowing for video conferencing discussion and collaboration. Requires mobilization of participants in home city.
               + Related organizations in foreign countries are invited to participate in a multi-city discussion about a global topic via online chat during which time a collaborative document can be produced. This requires massive outreach invitations to interested organizations.
  • Film festival submission form shouldn’t go out until January
  • We need definition of who the cultural artist & performance form is for/who will be using it
  • In call—film festival submissions open Jan 15
  • Please provide feedback on drafts

Culture subgroup update

  • Only 2 people—need more people on the national level—send them to Oya and Rishi
  • No decisions made
  • Main focus: structure. Role of WG and role of DLOC Culture and how we will work together
  • Rishi will participate on DLOC culture meetings via speakerphone
  • Walda suggests: get in touch with Carlton Turner, director of alternative roots to get history, guidance

Feedback on Evaluation/Scoping Tool

  • We need to get feedback to them
  • We need goals and objectives, overview of responsibilities. Jackie can extract those from the thing we sent to resource mobilization
  • The evaluations are done by the eval working group in service to program
  • What we want to evaluate: did the process/form get us closer to meeting our visionary goals? We need an eval group to help work on how it would be administered
  • How do we evaluate the impact of culture on the USSF?

NPC Meeting: Oct 23-25, Atlanta PMA Update

  • Haven’t had a call
  • Next call Sept 29th, 4pm EST
  • Rose will send out info

DLOC Update

  • More days available for Culture—Monday too
  • Still having conversations regarding the fireworks on Wednesday. 500,000 extra people will be there. It will have an impact on programming and people getting around. We will have to take that into account.
  • Rosa Clemente (manages Dead Prez) wants to be part of the Culture working group.
  • Rage Against the machine is being invited
  • Applying for grants for culture committee

  • Next culture call: Sept 15th, 6pm EST
  • Next whole group call: Sept 21st, 9pm EST

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