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Queer Liberation Committee of the US Social Forum (USSF), formerly known as the Queer Visibility Working Group. Because if Another World is Possible, Another US is Necessary, and Another Detroit is Happening, we want to make sure the LGBTQQI community is not only present, visible but we are organized to inform the overall political frame of the US Social Forum.

Please join us on our first call to help build the Queer Road to Detroit. If you are unable to make this first call and are still interested in participating, please respond to this email and we will make sure you are included on future conference calls! Thank you all for your time in participating on this call and sharing your experiences from the last USSF Queer Visibility Working Group or bringing your fresh perspective to this year's USSF Queer Liberation Committee!

In Solidarity,

Alma Rosa

  • Conference Call Info-*
  • Thursday February 18, 2010*
  • 6 pm EST, 5pm Central, 4pm MTN, 3pm PST (1.5 hour)

Call in #: (605) 475-4850, Access Code: 793-453#*

Draft Agenda:

  1. Introductions and Purpose of call
  2. Review Context and History of USSF
  3. History of the Queer Left and Queer Visibility Committee programming for USSF 2007
  4. Understanding of LGBTQI community in Detroit
  5. What do we (Locally and Nationally) want to do on the Queer Road to Detroit?
  6. Who else needs to be in this process?
  7. Next steps and Next call.