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Registration Committee Notes
Jan. 20, 2010

On call: Walda, Sylvia, Sha, Oya, Ross, Dianne, Mark, Jamie, George, Adrienne, kiran

  1. Review of ICT update--questions, answers?
  2. Program & Culture feedback?
  3. Additional work to be done--see list of questions below?
  4. Anything else?

Update copied from Alfredo's email:


1. We finished the translation framework for registration. We are now ready to put into place all of the translated text for registration. We are just awaiting the translations from Language Access.

2. We did a another round of cleaning up the layout of the registration forms. There are one or two very minor tweaks to be done, but the forms in my opinion are looking great now

3. We did a tremendous amount of work in the back end architecture. I don't want to go into the details on this, but basically this work will make all of the registered attendees easy to find in CiviCRM, give them an account to come back and add people to their organization registration. The addition of people is a feature to come after launch, but us giving them accounts now will enable this.

4. Registrants now also get an account created for them on organize.ussf2010. If they are registering as an organization they will also get an Organization profile so that they can announce their organization involvement in the Social Forum to the world. This will also allow them to submit session proposals

5. A lot of work was done to make the organize.ussf2010 ready for prime time. Lots of themeing work was done and lots of navigation elements were added.

6. We finally got the Praxis paypal account in order and got the approval for PayPal Pro. PayPal pro is what will allow us to embed the payment process stuff in the first page of the registration form, thereby never having the user go to PayPal's site. This took lot of hard work from Jamie and Praxis folks.


1. Workshop proposal forms. Imagine the work necessary to get these forms ready as an iceburg. The forms themselves are the tip of the iceburg that is above the surface. That is the work remaining, the body of the iceburg below the surface is all of the backend architechture work we did in #3 and #4 in the completed tasks above. We imagine that we will have something ready for testing by first thing Friday morning

2. Final testing of the PayPal pro payment processor. We have not been able to test this yet so there might be some unexpected issues.

3. Translation. We need to await the translations from Language Access and then insert in the translations to both the registration and workshop proposal process. Inserting them will take a bit of work.

4. Odds and ends in getting the ready for use


Wednesday 1/20--Registration forms are ready for next round of testing
Friday 1/22--Workshop Proposals ready for testing
Fri 1/22-Sun 1/24--end of any requested changes other than show stopper bugs
Mon 1/25-Tues 1/26
Wednesday 1/27 launch

Launch is dependent on the following things
1. Translations done in a timely manner--needed by Sunday at noon for ICT to be ready for 1/27 launch.
2. PayPal Pro being ready
3. no major bugs being found


(so far, a-i added by Sylvia)

a) Who is coordinating the volunteer info and how will volunteers be tracked with the check box?

- in past, there was a volunteer coordinator, stipend? huge task that needs dedicated help. in short-term, ability to get a daily digest or quick follow up? for atlanta, a check box wasn't too helpful especially if we don't know where volunteers live. perhaps have an auto-email that asks for areas of volunteer work and send back to a coordinator. volunteer question may require another call. is there any other info that can be added to website that won't further hold up launch? later have blast where people can give more specific info, perhaps go to a website page. gather emails now and have them interact with that.

b) On the Atlanta registration form, there was a disclaimer. Will this be added to the Detroit registration site or materials? Disclaimer of Liability: The United States Social Forum reserves the right to amend any part of the USSF program or event at its sole discretion. By submitting this registration form, the registrant agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless, The USSF Organizing Committee, its contributors, any entity jointly created by them, their respective affiliates and their respective directors, officers, employees, and agents from and against all claims and expenses, including attorneys' fees, arising out of the event.

- Perhaps post on registration website at end? Sylvia will ask Steph and Praxis if available in Spanish. Ask NPC later today.

c) Who is doing the Detroit online database training and when?

- No pt person or dates yet, ICT can follow up with Tdka.

d) On the registration prices, it says "range." Can that be changed to "level"?

- Mark will add as ticket, assign to Joseph.

e) When and where will info about late registration rates and dates be added?

- Not sure now. Suggest we say these are early rates and late rates will be added later. This can go on the main registration page. Sylvia will ask Adrienne to post. Plus, stayed tuned for info about Children's Social Forum.

f) What if someone who is registering an organization is not one of the 3 registrants (e.g., it's the person with the credit card registering the others)?

- Not a problem for new process. Sylvia will follow up as a ticket to make sure it's clear that contact person is also one of the registrants.

g) Can you widen the address field box a little more?

- add a ticket for joseph

h) On registration thank you page, this appears: "Note that there are listings for nearby hotels and motels already up on the website and you can go ahead and reserve a room now." If so, do you have the current list from Maureen or Tapeka?

- Tapeka has the info and it needs to be turned in, per last night's DLOC logistics mtg. Mark will add ticket to remove text for now. Will be posted as part of phase 2 in February or so.

i) Still needed online: Additional text for funders and donors--"Funders and donors whose institutions are not already providing solidarity support to the USSF are asked to provide a grant of $1000 to help cover the costs of bringing additional community leaders to the Forum. Airline miles are also welcomed contributions. For more information about this, please contact"

- Appears when click donor registration button.

j) Who will be tracking and following up with scholarship applications? (added by sha)

- there is a scholarship page that gives the options with an application page, requests to detroitinfo@ and ?? and Jamie requests they go to a specific box. How much can we waive? Criteria for waivering? Prioritizing waivers? Get Finance input? More leniency with indiv vs org waivers? Timing of waivers? Sha and Sylvia pt persons for now.
- how track helping hand donation separately? seems mixed in with regular registration. sha check with joseph.

k) how will we follow up with people who select the "pay later" option? - some of which include scholarship applicants and some of which are non-scholarship registrants. (added by sha)

- what kind of system do we want? sha also check with joseph. do a mailing to these folks? who will track and follow up? sylvia and sha will be pt persons and check with Victor/Finance?

l) Please review draft downloadable registration forms for individuals and organizations sent via email (added by Sylvia)

- set up space for people to do online at USSF office? perhaps this is a temporary solution for walk-in registration or is used limitedly to encourage people to do online themselves and reduce add'l work.

m) Is PO Box large enough for program and culture submissions, including videos? (Oya ask Maureen?)


- For workshops submissions - endorsing organizations can be free-form text box
- To be safe, ICT needs translation in by noon on Sunday.
- Commitment to having Spanish translation online for launch-yes? yes!
- Adrienne is identifying Roberto as point person for language access and registration translation.
- Button problem on web site:
P.O. Box 3551
Highland Park, MI 48203