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I had a lot of conversation with my two social media experts, Sean Wiggs and Lara Solomon-Schuchat, both of whom work in tech marketing professionally and who have been the driving force behind the success of the Occupy Seattle page. Through their leadership, they have managed to avoid many of the problems associated with group admined pages such as highjacks and offensive content. In addition to having a very broad reach with the page, they also have a 'Guest Admin' program because they were getting a lot of requests for training. They have trained page admins all over the world, and some USSF folks might want to consider taking advantage of that learning opportunity. Sean has offered to run a video conference EdgeRank & 'how to create viral content' training for us, and both he and Lara have offered to participate in our process to help us get it running smoothly and make better use of the page. This is the simplified version of guidelines that we came up with. I used a similar (but even more simplified) version for a small group, and found it to be rather easy and effective. Roles:

       Admins: can change page roles, highly trusted not to highjack page, understand edgerank, includes same responsibilities as Editors, should be at least three, must still allow a vote to change any page roles, changes to admin roles require a majority
       Editors: most common role, can add & edit content, respond as page, etc, must have good grammar/editorial skills, ability to see & respond to problem threads & commenters, changes to Editor roles require a 25% approval
       Creator: participate in content creation on group page but do not have any main page access, generally meant as a trial period to become Editor or for those that want to create content but lack high quality editorial skills or FB know-how, anyone can add a Creator but must allow the add to be blocked (create post in group for three days notifying before making addition)
       Moderator/Advertiser: N/A
       Analyst: less engaged user who has exceptionally high edgerank understanding but is not interested in participating in content creation or moderation, set and chosen by Admins who vet for social media expertise

Create private FB group page for content creation

   Admins & Editors post proposed content into FB group page
   15% of admins/editors/creators must LIKE post in order to ok it for posting (i.e. if there are 10 admins, the post must get at least 2 LIKES in addition to original poster in order to go on main page)
   Admins can institute Skeleton Crew process during times when there is not enough activity to create content for the next three days (i.e. if there is not enough approved content for at least 12 future posts), Skeleton Crew process can be blocked but should also not last longer than one week, Admin sets Skeleton Crew process (i.e. for the next week only 1Like is necessary to post, etc)
   Anyone can block a post but must provide a reason
   suggested edits should be placed in the comments--all grammatical edits must be accepted, but others do not have to be unless it would result in a block (i.e. ‘Unless this post is framed in xyz fashion, I would block this post because...’)

Content Creation Processes: LIKE: post as-is LIKE w/Editorial Comment: change grammar/minor edits Block: do not post Reframe: to avoid Block Pause: post must be fact-checked by at least 2 people (other than original poster) before posting 'Ninja Posting', posting without going through the approval process, is grounds for immediate dismissal as an admin. In keeping with the USSF Tech Principles around No Corporate Advertising, no for-profit social media logos or promotion will be allowed on any USSF communications including It's suggested that a few people are assigned to creating Twitter content from FB posts rather than linking the handle because linking doesn't allow for the strongest possible message to go out on Twitter.