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What are Projects

Projects are basically mini-working groups, but geared towards a much smaller body of work. Projects were added in order to lower the barriers of resistance for people wishing to contribute to the work of organizing the 2010 United States Social Forum. Joining a Working Group can be a daunting process because they are responsible for so much and it can be really hard to find a task to start working To see the original proposal for working groups look here: ProjectsProposal.

Please note, Projects are a very new concept and the Project pages are not very fleshed out right now. Over the next few weeks expect much more work being done on this.


Projects require the following things

  • Sponsoring Working Group(s)
  • Contact Person(s)
  • Status (i.e. Active, Completed, Future)

Listing Projects Now and in Future

Currently, project pages are just wiki pages. But in the very near future project pages will have a group page on which will allow

  • people to join the group
  • a place where group members can post content
  • a list serve for communicating
  • a searchable interface for people looking for projects to join

Adding Projects

But for right now to add a project eidt this wiki page to list your project and then create a separate wiki page describing your project. (make sure you have all the above requirements!) or email Mark Libkuman via libkuman @ and he'll add your project information.

Current Projects

NameSponsor Working Group(s)Contact Person EmailStatus
Online RegistrationDetroit Local WG, ICT WGross @ ross.mayfirst.orgActive
Online Consulta Feedback ProcessOutreach WG, Programming and Culture WG, ICT WGmallory @ mayfirst.orgActive
Online Proposal SubmissionsProgramming and Culture WG, ICT WGlibkuman @ openflows.comActive
Social Networking Tools (Organic Groups)ICT WGlibkuman @ openflows.comActive
Web site designICT WGjm @ mayfirst.orgActive