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Working group representatives: prior to the 5/10/10 conference call, please submit your written report below. This information will be used to help draft the agenda and will allow other working groups to be prepared with feedback.

Each report should include the following:

  • Summary of working group projects, activities, and/or organizing work.
  • If applicable, summary of working group (sub)committee projects, activities and/or organizing efforts.
  • Upcoming deadlines or milestones.
  • List of feedback, direction, and support needed from the OC and/or specific working groups.
  • Name of representative(s) who submitted the report.

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Gender Justice

  • Continue weekly calls*
  • Joined program design and logistic calls to confer on security plan*
  • Secured tent*
  • Planning continues for Gender Justice PMA at the forum*
  • Developing guidelines for gender justice travel scholarships to the USSF*
  • Question to the plenary committee: Is a gender lens infused in the program

formatting, content, and representation?*



Language Access


Sylvia will post Monday night...


Current registration numbers: 5722 registered 1319 organizations (has not been cleaned up for duplicates) total dollars raised: $114,431.00 (of that money $51,765 is still pending)

Identified 52 organizations that brought more than 15 to Atlanta. We have contacted 33 of the 52 organizations to crunch them for Detroit. Still working on making contact with the other orgs.

Media Spokepeople: Have submitted 6 completed names, bio & pictures to Comms for USSF Spokespeople to offer for media stories and pitches as well as the web. Have names for 13 more people but need their bios and photos. We only have two names from Detroit (Will got everything completed), waiting for Oya and need more people from Detroit. We still need someone from Arab communnities. We also need names from the poverty working group, gender justice working group, indigeneous working group, and we have one youth from San Antonio (could use more). Please email: She is the main coordinator of names/spokespeople.

Labor outreach. Working with labor outreach committee (local and national). They are moving on crunching the unions (national) and regional locals (midwest) who have not registered to the USSF.

As of today these are the labor organizations that are registered (does not include Jobs with Justice or worker centers): AFL-CIO - 20 Labor Campaign for Single Payer - 3 SEIU - Jessica Champaigne Working America, Community Affiliate of the AFL-CIO - 3 UFCW - 20 Union of Part Time Faculty, AFT Local 477, 3 UAW Region 1A - 3 Labor Notes - 3 Pride at Work, AFL-CIO - 3 SEIU Local 1 - 15 SEIU Local 1021 - 3 UAW Local 1981 - 2 American Federation of Government Employees - 19 National Writers Union Local 1981 UAW/AFL-CIO - 3 Local 1000 American Federation of Musicians - 3 Metropolitan Detroit AFL-CIO - 5 U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW) - 3 Labor Heritage Foundation - 3 United Steelworkers - 3 AFSCME - 1 MI Labor History Society - 5 Laborers' Local 1191 - 3 United Auto Workers International - 20 USW Local 7014 - 3

B is running the weekly email blasts. Outreach is gathering information from large caravans, alliances and networks to use as teasers for the blasts. We are also tracking PMAs, events and programmatic content to use in the blasts as well.

People's Movement Assembly

1) At least 5 successful PMAs have happened in the last couple weeks:

  • NYC Queer People of Color
  • Knoxville PMA
  • Portland OR
  • Olympia WA
  • Columbus Ohio – PMA for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

2) PMAs are planned for Albuquerque, Twin Cities, DC, San Diego, and the Gulf Coast over the next few weeks

3) 47 PMAs were submitted for 4-hour blocks on Wed, Thurs, and Fri at the USSF! (the final chart is attached)


  • Recruiting a few more folks to step up as point people for volunteer coordination, PMA support, and to play roles on the teams
  • We are planning for the third face to face meeting in Detroit on May 20th
  • Coordination Calls for convener contacts to plan for Detroit
  • Creating PMA Packets that include guidelines, sample agendas, facilitation how-to’s, and orientation to national assembly process
  • 3-5 min film documenting PMAs that have happened toward Detroit
  • Finalizing plans for the national assembly


Program & Culture Working Group


UPDATE ON SUBMISSIONS PROCESS: As of today, there are: -1000+ workshops -47 PMAs -124 four hour workshops -26 Detroit Highlighted workshops

FYI: Detroit Highlighted is intended strictly for Detroit organizations; 26 on Tuesday (opening day) from 11a-1p; and Saturday from 10a-12pm

KEY ISSUES / THINGS TO KNOW IN THE PROCESS THUS FAR: 1. space: we figured we needed 140 rooms per workshop slot (three (3) two (2) hour workshop slots per day). what we really have is 100. key issues: soft vs. hard commitments. lots of the spaces that we thought we had were not signed into agreements. 2. assigning Cobo spaces to USSF functions: we were not able to honor requests for solidarity spaces outside of established working groups, due to space constraints. as a result, there are no solidarity spaces in Cobo Hall. 3. People can now search workshops by title and by organization; and when you click on your organization, the workshops that you submitted come up. (log in to organize site, go to program button, can search on the right hand side for organization [must submit name exactly as you are registered] 4. acceptance emails will go out within the week 5. we plan to send update to b. loewe by the end of the day today letting folks know about the new ability to search all workshops 6. one half of all workshops wanted the last day (Friday); many of Friday’s workshops are being put on Wednesday.

WHAT WE NEED FROM OC: -we are working hard to be attentive to workshop needs and the importance of accessibility, language, etc. and having the USSF functional space at Cobo as well. we are asking for generosity and acceptance. -if your organization hasn't registered and paid... [fill in the blank] -scheduling of the workshops will take a few weeks to get online; patience is a virtue.


Resource Mobilization


  • Still working out a space for the youth space. We would like to try to accommodate 600-700 youth.
  • Working on a youth space program outline. Some of the program will be predicated on workshop and artistic performance submissions.
  • Corina, Jardyn, and Derek will be in Detroit for the NPC meeting.
  • Jardyn did outreach at an anti-violence youth summit "Flip the Script" in Chester, PA. Over 300-400 youth in attendance.
  • Checked in with the Cali caravans to see who is in motion. Over 100 youth will be on Cali caravans.
  • The youth working group will be accepting workshop submissions and artistic performance submissions for the youth space. Hopefully, this is good news for folks that wanted to submit a workshop or artistic performance but didn’t get a chance to do so in time.

Workshops must be no longer than one hour long and must be youth-led (ages 13-24) or led by a person/group that works directly with youth. Workshop submissions should be related to the following themes: • Why Detroit? (Detroit youth/youth allies encouraged to apply) • Education • Jobs • Health • Environmental Justice • Criminalization of Youth • Immigration

International Solidarity Team

Personnel Team