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Welcome to the USSF 2010 Planning Wiki.

We hope you will contribute much and well. SylviaOrduno

Hi, I'm trying to use the wiki.

Looks like you have a good start ;-) MarkDilley

1. Last night I made a page before I actually "created" it. So I came back today and put the text on the "right" page but I'm not sure I did it correctly. Can you let me know?

Which page was it? if you give me a title or close to one, I can see. MarkDilley

2. I put the upcoming meetings on the DLOC page but couldn't "tap" into August 4th on the calendar and add them there. Do they get automatically added somehow? Why couldn't I open up August 4?

We didn't have a working calendar at that point. I just built a mock up. Now the calendar is functioning. MarkDilley

3. I have a list of Logistics tasks. Where should I put that?

It is easy! Just add brackets around the page name, like Logistic tasks and it makes a link to an empty page, waiting to be filled :-) Best, MarkDilley
What are we gonna do about USSF 2010 Detroit T-shirts? Is this a logistics committee responsibility or what? Does anybody have a copyright or licensing right to an image we need to clear and use? If so, maybe we can get the t-shirt company to pay us to use it, and we will help them sell the shirts? They would be getting a pretty lucrative deal if they could have the rights to sell thousands(?) of shirts... At a minimum, we could try to get the t-shirt company to pay the up-front costs, and then split the profits on an agreed percentage basis after they make back their investment? Or just do the usual fundraiser thing where we bring the art work, pay for the shirts, sell them and keep the profit? I haven't done any political event t-shirts for over 30 years, and that was just a little thing... I will help, but what do others think? I picked up the card of the Detroit Shirt Company today., and I can contact them after I get some idea of the plan & parameters... Tom Stephens

Dear Tom,

This is not a logistics committee responsibility. I'd suggest that it's a publicity committee or staff responsibility. Are you going to be at the meetings Monday or Tuesday? I will be there part of the time, and ask about this.

I was there Sunday and for a couple hours or so this evening... Maureen said they would be discussing this issue, but I only heard one stray mention of "t-shirts and cups." OK if it's not logistics, I'll keep asking and see you at the next logistics meeting...