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Open Source alternative? Not sure there is one yet.



I propose that this page/section be titled Video content and not 'YouTube.' AND that we feel good about videos being uploaded to that site. It serves in part as a social networking site with tagging capabilities. We should designate a tag starting now for USSF2010 for folks choosing to use Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, etc. The site might well include a page with a running feed of whatever comes up on these sites with that particular tag, arranged by date. -- Charles Lenchner

Well Charles - two things for working wiki style. BeBold - which means go ahead and make your change. If I or anyone else disagrees we can change it back or begin a discussion about the benefits of a,b or c. Solidarity, MarkDilley
Press-People Stories has a 'video' section- thinking to link notable videos there. Looking in the social web section of comm-media wg, you can see links to flickr, youtube, twitter, etc pages. Hashtags I think should vary depending on the purpose of the specific social web platform- maybe [#ussf2010] for more documentary type platforms (flickr, youtube), but maybe easiest possible [#ussf] for fleeting information pages like twitter, facebook? -davidm

MediaWiki extension

If we are adding YouTube videos to the main site, I don't think it is a problem to add the MediaWiki video extension here. ~~ MarkDilley