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Tues, Feb 24, 2009, LOC Conference Call

Participants: Elena Herrada (Centro Obrero), Sylvia Orduño (MWRO), Bill Wylie-Kellerman (St. Peters Episcopal, Centro Obrero, MCHR), Will, Oya Amikisi (Women of Color Film Festival, Hush House), Stephanie Chang (Detroit Asian Youth Project, Campaign for Justice), Ilana Weaver (Detroit Summer)

  • Discussion on WSF report (offered)
  • NPC meeting-- Need hotels suggestions
Potential Schedule (not set in stone:
Friday, 3/27: full day Saturday, 3/28: full day Sunday, 3/29: half day social/public event during the weekend (Saturday or Friday evening)
Need Meeting space for 40-50 comfortable
Funders Meeting, any volunteers for resource committee? Shawn Kimmell, Rachel Wells
  • Committee Report back
Outreach Committee- met today 2/24, email campaign people sending it to their own list going to public events Dessa & Shawn powerpoint provided by NPC, NEED for flyers; need committees that people can plug themselves into explain what the USSF is - one paragraph. Michigan Citizen (get something in on regular basis), Latino papers (hard to get them to run things) What is the graphic look of USSF --Lottie has created a template maybe we can re-use. How to reach out to people who have never organized. Reach out to the neighborhood
Mar 1-- Potluck meeting 2-4 Sunday at Detroit Summer office, 555 Gallery 4884 GRAND RIVER DETROIT MI, 48208, potlucks as part of USSF organizing process

to do:

  • ask the NPC: in terms of assessment, do we need to have prior information or will that be done. can i circulate the list of objectives?
  • send Resource Mobilizing email to USSF list. create a contact list with categories that can be used for outreach. post list in a way that can be accessed. Dessa will categorize the existing list. Sylvia- wiki list, find someone to sponsor it.
  • MWRO/ will contact Cobo Hall Fri reserve 6 days Jun 8-13 reserved Jun 28 or Jul 5
  • Are we inviting people to the LOC meeting? Yes, still an open process
  • next week- Hands on work/action projects, whats your vision for lasting impact, Tues 5:30pm at MWRO, 23 E. Adams, 4th Floor, Detroit, MI 48226