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Welcome to the US Social Forum Detroit Planning Wiki

  • This editable website is for anyone interested in helping to organize the USSF in Detroit 2010!
  • Participation in this wiki requires that you share in an open and democratic manner consistent with USSF Vision and Goals. Its content is patrolled by the community.
  • Please review the USSF Technology Principles that describe how we will pursue the technological and communication needs for the USSF.

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How to Use This Wiki Website

  • The sidebar navigation menu on the left provides links to the main pages of this editable website. They include:
Detroit LOC: Detroit Local Organizing Committee - local organizing planning, contacts, and committees.
NPC: National Planning Committee - national organizations representing and leading the USSF Vision and Goals.
State-Regional-City Social Forums: Other US Social Forums, past and present for info sharing and ideas to help transition and assist the Detroit LOC.
Press Stories: online articles leading up to the USSF Detroit 2010, and post-USSF Atlanta 2007.
Web Tools: Free Internet tools for online note taking, video chats, messaging and more.
Donate: contribute to the awesome organizing efforts of the USSF in Detroit!
RecentChanges: Where you can see the activity on this website.
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If you find any pages that have server errors or other technical problems, please report them to the USSF Tech Team Wiki. Click on New Ticket to explain the problem and a USSF Tech Team member will get back to you soon. It's a good idea to also copy and paste the page link with it.