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Combine the potluck and outreach committee
Ahmina Maxey and Nisa Jorbachi
Organization to organization contact
Meeting with organization to talk to them about the USSF
Events (potluck/film festivals)
Going to events throughout Michigan to promote the USSF
Have an agenda set before each meeting
Keep time
Give an update on DLOC at each meeting
Proposed location is the new EMEAC meeting


Ahmina is the rep for the National working group
Nationwide conference call

Groups of Interest

Please add organizations that we should reach out to on this ongoing list.

Potluck Plans

Date: Thursday, June 11, 2009 6 pm
Venue: use the same space as the Detroit Summer (MLK and Cass), Detroit Evolution, or Michigan Welfare Rights

Assignments: Ahmina and Priscilla Dziubek will research logistics

Theme: Money for the People Instead of the CEO’s; Foreclosures, Job loss, Meeting the needs

Jerome Goldberg (MECAWI and Moratorium Now)
Maureen Taylor (Michigan Welfare Rights)

They do a brief presentation, then the groups break off into discussion, then each group does a report to the collective, and then culture.

Assignments: Priscilla will invite Maureen Taylor and Andre will contact Jerome Goldberg


Ms. Ann, Nisa, and Oya
More time on the structure of DLOC
Overview of the USSF
Train people to use the kit


Nisa (completed)


Using the computer lab at the Michigan Welfare Rights will be accessible for USSF members can access the net
Check the Wiki outreach list
Areas that need support

Events calendar

Rachel Wells and Ahmina Maxey.
USSF events
Will reach out to Rae Glover to work with the events calendar
Outreach Kit
Will, Nisa, Ahmina, Dessa, Joel, and Oya
A model for reps of the USSF to use during outreach
Features printed material and power point


Oya Amakisi and Dessa Coleman
Oya will list the organizations on the Wiki

Wiki work

Themes for potlucks, who we would invite, presenters, culture, can we get youth from the Detroit Summer to work with us/open mic
Oya will post the themes for the potlucks
Wiki admin for outreach and potluck will alert everyone when it is posted
Ahmina will check with Diana to see

Next Meeting

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 at 6:00 pm at the new EMEAC place