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DLOC Notes
Dessa Cosma-notetaker

Community Agreement:

Step up/Step Back
Speak from the I (your own experience)
Be aware of time- be brief
No oppression here
Say the “Woah!”
Respect strengths and weaknesses
Start from a place of trust
Healthy Conflict is cool

Religion Committee Report Back:

Bill WK

haven’t met since last DLOC, will be meeting thurs. at 10 at Detroit Baptist Temple for breakfast, they will break down as own subcommittee- including outreach, program, logistics and action. Brigades of Hope- a conversation between in Detroit and groups who are coming to USSF, including SW Workers Union and Project South and maybe Word and World; working on caravans that will do advance work with Hope District, King Solomon, Centro Obrero, Hush House, etc and at the USSF will do concrete projects like hoop houses, murals, etc in Neighborhoods- this = Brigades of Hope

Logistics Committee Report Back: Dianne Feeley

Logistics- the Detroit Int’l fireworks will be at Hart Plaza the first full day of our event. We were going to have 10-12 themed tents in Hart at this time and need to come up with a new plan now… we may spread out around the city instead. Will talk to different parks, etc. Discussed Youth Encampment- wanted place next to river, but can’t do that because of construction. Can’t do as much along river because of fireworks anyway. Logistics is doing research so that the Youth Committee can take a look at options when they form. They’ve had initial discussions about security. There are different levels of security, one form is USSF badge checking at all forum sites. Another level of security will be necessary for guarding property. We also need Marshals for opening march. We want a visible presence of security, which is comforting, not intimidating. Logistics has written a mission on security that includes our values. Will security need to be paid? They have several ideas for orgs that may donate these services or that can be donated to a little, for example the Detroit Derby Girls. Next meeting is next Tuesday; sustainable meeting will be at 5:15 pm and then logistics. 1923 Café in Hamtramck.

Sustainability (Al) – In August we want to clean out King Solomon- to store the 5,000 bikes that we’ll be gathering/getting donated for the USSF. Aug. 22nd from 10-2 pm is the tentative date for this clean up. Wants to work with Brigades of Hope in regards to efforts being sustainable work of USSF. Lizzy got a draft letter to; they are organizing about 1,000 folks to ride bikes from around the country to USSF.

Communications Report Back:

Reg McGhee

National working group call last week; national communications coordinator job description is finalized and will be posted on the wiki today. The National Writers Network is encouraging writers to begin to contribute stories about USSF 2007 and what they are looking for this time around in 2010. Will break the National Communications group into a local and a national- at this point they are staying together. About half of the people on the committee are from Detroit. Usually talk every 2 weeks. Reg will get back with meeting date.

Technology Committee Report Back:

Lou Novak

Local committee meets with Info/Communications working group. Calls every two weeks, next call will be Thurday Aug. 20th, probably at 5 pm. Working on community site in place and are working on registration site together so people can register to attend the USSF, including online payments. Goal: Oct. proposal submission for workshops at the USSF.

Culture and Programming Committee Report Back:

Oya Amakisi

Culture should be put into every aspect of the Forum and will be educational. Visual art at Hart Plaza and events throughout the city, in galleries, in gardens, in clubs, murals at closed schools, etc. Working with Hip Hop Congress (70 chapters around country) and they have agreed to do their national conference a few days before the USSF so they can stay and be part of the USSF. AMC is doing the same thing. Working with group from Brazil who wants to come here and perform, and group from South Africa. Oya went to Kentucky Social Forum and met artists from all over SE (including Beehive Collective). Sisters in Transition will be walking from the Bible-Belt to Detroit. Next meeting 8/14/09 at 1440 Collective at 6:30 pm.

Outreach/Potluck Committee Report Back:

Dessa C.

(OYA typed these notes)

  • Outreach Notes*

Dessa and Nisa are cochairs

They have completed the outreach kit that is interactive so everyone can use it to organize

The kit gives insight in how to use the kit that can be customized to communicate to the perspective group/organization/

Kit is available on the wiki

Outreach and potluck are working together

Next potluck on September 17th, 2009 at 6pm location TBA? looking at parks next to closed schools.

Start a list of every organization that we want to do outreach.

Tuesday at the 18th at the Northwest Committee

Also ask about documentation

Labor Committee Report Back: Charles W.

Metro affiliates (AFL, AFSCME, JWJ, Rev. Roe) met. Labor Mobilization Luncheon (MI Labor History Society) on 8.26.09 will be followed by USSF pitch. Next meeting is after this. Labor is pushing their Health Care forum on 8.28.0 from 7-9 pm. This will provide the opportunity to talk to Canadians about their health care system.

Maureen: we need a transportation unit/organized transportation. Harry Jones was helpful at NPC- he found 15 vans and 50 houses (solidarity housing).

Harry: This method will save a lot of money compared to hotels. Churches can cook dinners for visitors and provide snacks. Drivers can provide rides in morning and evening. Many churches have donated one van and one driver- they would like donations. He can get up to 20 vans. Mr Jones and Mr Tiner are willing to donate homes and/or furniture for Forum attendees.)

Maureen suggests that Mr and Mrs Jones join the Logistics Committee.

Oya: Recommends having a documentation committee. Radical Reference and Detroit Summer and LAMP want to help with documentation. Radical Reference may also work with information/technology.

Rev. Williams: religious committee has it’s own logistics committee, including housing and vans via churches. They are in touch with the larger logistics committee as well. He invites Harry Jones to their next meeting on Thursday.

Mike: Once Communication Coordinator is hired will this create a hierarchical structure?

Reg: this coordinator will help guide work being done, not necessarily hierarchical, more collaboratively and cooperatively. Focus will be various forms of media, but will be working with the committees who are working on parts of these communications (eg, outreach kit by outreach committee, videographers with culture committee, etc).

Conversation about the overlap of committees, their coordination, and structural nature.

Discussion of Inactive Committees:

Youth Block Clubs Disabilities Seniors Vision

Maureen: let’s take Seniors and Disabilities off the list because they are almost formed (Harold Spence co-chair of Senior, and Disabilities is Quentin) Charles: we need to get Religion Committee listed on the USSF website

Rocio has a proposal about the Youth Committee. She has a friend from Atlanta , Ernesto, who does great murals about issues Latino/as face. She wants to bring him here to get the Youth Committee started and to get the word out about the USSF through murals. This project would probably be about a month long (3 murals). Doing community work in the neighborhood as well. Talking to people on the street as they paint. Wants to start as soon as possible because school starts soon and winter is already around the corner. Will schedule a conference call for later this week for people interested in youth committee starting via murals project. Rocio and Ernesto are putting together a proposal too.

Maureen: Roshawn Harris at Hush House, wants to do work with Youth Committee. Maybe if we pull them together we can have a viable Committee.

Oya: has been planning on doing murals and has artists and wants to collaborate with above idea. Harlan Bivens was incorporating Youth Committee meetings into his meetings, and some people there want to be on the actual Youth Committee. The planned murals Culture has planned will be closer to the acutal USSF, so they will join now

Mike: who’s buying Paint? Rocio: use donated supplies and Ernesto will help draft budget.

Diane: need to reach out to Youth (like SW Solution, Youthville, etc) She also wants to have Youth work on bike repair in exchange for the bike.

Bill: Brigade of Hope also has been discussing murals. Ric: folks will be here for USSF but will send up work brigades ahead of USSF as well.

Maureen: we want to make a lasting impact. Like fix up houses, paint “USSF did this,” and the move homeless people in. Drop shades with USSF on them from tall buildings, etc.

What is youth? We don’t want to turn people away, youth is a state of mind.

Block Cubs: Outreach has a list of several hundred block clubs and will begin to reach out to them.

Maureen: requests we put of this discussion until next meeting.

Rocio will email people on vision and block-club lists to see if they can meet soon and get started.

Labor Day

Maureen: Labor March is Sept. 7th. Do we pass out handbills, or do we use banners? We have access to the front of Central United Methodist on Woodward as parade goes by- we can have several tables and pass things out. How many people can we influence? We can give out candy with USSF info pass by, etc. We need to move quickly.

Rich: 20-40,000 people will come down Woodward. What message do we want to get out? It’s a political question/message. Worth investing money in because we’ll be using them from now through the Social Forum.

Michelle: pop volunteer events will help new people get involved, can be a one time gig for some folks and other people will stick around.

Elena: What do we need do to have banners ready for Labor Day?

Maureen: We will decide today if we want banners. Staff will work on this if so. Then we will get some pop volunteer activity planned. We have 3 weeks to make this happen. First find people, then come up with message.

Priscilla: plan this in phases/by components (Aqula seconded this idea)

Lisa: Sounds like we have people. Just need supplies. Importance of a strong message.

Al: did Rich mean printing banners? We are going to have lots of other events to use this at, so should we print because they last longer.

Adele: 5E Gallery in Corktown do murals regularly with Youth. Have this process live streamed. Oya concurs.

Calling for Vote:

Is anyone opposed to do something for Labor Day?
Does everyone agree that we should have hand-painted community banners as well as printed?

Labor is modifying hand-bill for Labor Day specifics (Bill B.)

Anyone who wants to work on the project of painting talk to Oya.

Communications will work on printed banner.

Outreach Committee will act as Volunteer Coordinator to recruit and schedule volunteers the day of.

Do we want a consistent message?

The social forum is coming and dates.

Another World is Possible. Another US is necessary. Another Detroit is happening (with dates)


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