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Meeting/Call Schedule

Next Full COM-Media Social Web/Media planning conference call:

Monday, June 7, Time: 7pm EST, 6pm CST, 5pm MST, 4pm PST
Numbers: 712-432-0075, code: 388105#
Host access code (for first one on the call): 564471#
Etherpad for taking shared notes:

Comm/Media Work Plans

Communications/Work Plan and Status Updates

USSF Communications WG Plan

Communications/Project Recruitment Survey:

Website Work Space--January 2010

NPC Calendar

COMM-Media USSF Informational Flow/Organizational Diagram (below)

Tentative information flow diagram Tentative Diagram- in planning.

Current Logos, Promotional Materials and Digital Packets

See Category:Graphics for flyers, graphics, print ad & logo downloads

Packets coming soon: General Info/Outreach, "Feed the Roots grassroots fundraising packet, Organizing Toolkit

Some design folks have offered ongoing & project-based design support, including

  • Design Action (who did the original USSF artwork & logo)
  • Left Turn Mag, contact is Vasudha
  • Just Seeds

Other folks coming who are said to have been interested include:

On-going Projects

  • FAQs for website--help us build a list of questions and answers to put on the website, flyers, etc!

Info, Data, Story Collection Pool

(reference pool of articles, stories, testimonials and events)

Social Web Tools in Use

Current platforms in Use. Strategic Planning in process..

  • account Link Shortening & link/click-tracking:
    • search helpful in tracking links clicked through twitter/facebook/friendfeed posts.
  • Facebook Fan Page started Jan 10. Jan 30: 2,775 fans, Feb 10: 5,235, Feb 25: 6,338 fans, March 8: 6,808 fans. March 21: 7,372 fans, March 26: 7,513 fans.
  • Facebook "Group" March 21 has 2,430
  • Facebook Person Profile Feb 21: 1,527 friends, Feb 24: 1,815, March 8: 2,364 friends. March 21: 3,328 friends. March 26: 3,901 friends.
* Mobile version of our Facebook page
    • Region/Issue/City Affiliate groups we have relationships with (see below)

Other prospects?

  • BlackPlanet (someone offered), Znet (someone has offered), Tumblr, Blip TV, Vimeo, SoundCloud Audip, Frontline SMS, CafeMom, a woman named Calvo offerd to hold down a USSF community there. gather social web streams/online identities - ie: twitter, fb, etc), goodreads (book recommendations, potential online library sharing)

Blog Network/Blogosphere:

The USSF Online Presence Consists Of

* Our presence on the Internet: An overview

* Official USSF Website

* Official 'Organize' Online Network

* USSF Email Outreach Using our database to send out mass-emails on a scheduled and planned basis.

* Organizers planning & information wiki

* Press about the USSF and Peoples' Stories (video, radio, blog)

* Press and Peoples' Stories about the USSF

* #Social Web Tools in Use (Presence we hold official in various Social Web Networks)

* Facebook self-organized groups & events:
San Antoninio Road to Detroit Facebook group contact: Diana Lopez & Genaro Lopez-Rendon
Lansing Area facebook group contact: Priyanka Pathak:
Washtenaw County facebook page contact: Andrew Dalack
Bay Area's PMA facebook event contact: Megan Swoboda, Ruben Solis Garcia
Houston Facebook Group contact: john herrera
Chicago ARC09 USSF Event contact: jhonathan gomez
Portland Facebook group
March 27 Vermont USSF local fundraiser
North Central Indiana Facebook Group
North Central Indiana (Michiana) Facebook group
Kentucky mobilizing meeting
NW Coalition for the US Social Forum
DC area Tunes of Transformation Fundraiser[
Palestine local group
Project South, Atlanta outreaching on Myspace
* Self-organized Organizing websites:
Metro DC ning site

Communications-Media Working Group Team and Roles

National Communications Coordinator

  • Adele N

Co-Chairs Communications-Media WG

  • Karlos G
  • Scott B
  • Alternate: David M


  • Reg M
  • Lottie S

Regional PR Point People:

USSF Writers’ Network

(list not available yet)

  • National Writers' Network Planner: Jackie S

USSF Wiki/Data/Training Expert

National Planner: MarkDilley

USSF Online Info, Social Web, Multimedia

  • National Planner: David M
Lara V (wiki, news archive, online research)

Social Web

David M.,
Martin M
B Loewe
Veronica H
Twitter" Team
B Loewe
Karlos, Adele, Mark, David, Sylvia, Adrienne
Mark D Open Source twitter-like app
Myspace Page, Fausto L
Myspace support: Keith G

Social Web team support

  • Multimedia, Promo and Community
Audio/PSA, Martin Macias, Neily J
Video, Gretchen H
SoundCloud Management, Radio/Audio support, Mathew C, Martin M
Rep from Change:the Music Project Aj V
Photography and USSF Flickr Page Pidge P, photographer, Chicago, and Jhonathan FG
USSF Youtube Channel Gretchen H, Dan S

Scheduling for this sub group

MarkDilley - available after 9pm EST and on weekends

Conference Call Agendas and Notes